An Interesting review of "John Carter"
It's 2019, not 2012. And someone is writing a review about "John Carter"? Which they saw in a theater? That got my attention.

Okay, it's a student review written for the UT Beacon. Jon Sharpe is still attending the University of Tennesee-Knoxville. He's not old enough to have grown up on all the Doubleday Book Club reprints of the John Carter books.

Not that I did that ...

He titled his piece "Bad Movie Showcase: 100 years of regret" and I didn't really expect much judging by that title, but it was a review of "John Carter" so I had to read it. Some of you may recall that I really enjoyed the movie. But as everyone knows, it was so expensive it was never able to make a profit. Of course, it only earned about $300 million in world-wide ticket sales. It reportedly did better in DVD sales, but between the $200 million budget and $200 million marketing campaign Disney took a huge loss on the film.

For someone who only stumbled on the movie by accident (while much younger - he is writing from memory), the review turns out to be very positive. Better still, Sharpe did his homework and he recaps the problems with the movie's production and marketing very well (in my humble opinion). Anyone reading the review should come away with an accurate image of what happened. Too much production, not enough marketing would be one way to sum it up.

And not everyone liked the movie but Jon Sharpe liked it so much he bought (at least some of) the books. Hey, ERB earned another fan!

One point he raises is that the movie compresses story time so events pass much more quickly than in the books. This is a common aspect of cinematic dramatizations. Peter Jackson did that with "The Lord of the Rings". I've never understood why film makers do that since all they really need to do is put a few words on the screen like, "50 years pass" or "a few months later" - something SOME film makers have actually done.

All in all, I'm glad to see that "John Carter" hasn't been totally forgotten by everyone who saw it. And as student columnists go, Jon Sharpe demonstrated strong potential for a future writing career if he wants one.
(April 2nd, 2019, 07:31 PM)Michael Wrote: And not everyone liked the movie but Jon Sharpe liked it so much he bought (at least some of) the books. Hey, ERB earned another fan!

I've noted that before, that even a terrible adaptation will lead some people to the source material, so it's never really a bad thing.

I've been thinking of giving John Carter another try lately. Given that my opinion of movies can vary wildly based on my mood while I'm watching them, I find that I often like things more later on, as has been documented many times here over the years, I'm sure! Big Grin
I think the movie has earned better press since its failure than it had in its first year. Maybe it's the kind of movie that must grow on people. Maybe more people are starting to understand what Andrew Stanton hoped to accomplish better.

I wish the film had not been so expensive. Its box office numbers would have put many other movies solidly into the "profitable" category. Stanton just lost control of the process. Perhaps he was expecting a $1 billion movie. I'll agree it wasn't ever going to be like that.

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