Costume Convention
I went to one day of Costume Con Saturday 3/23. This year it was just north of Boston MA. I had a lovely time, but it was almost curtailed.


Luckily I slept late-ish & listened to the news. The highway 8 miles east-northeast of here was closed due to Trucks not making the grade due to a layer of ice + 6 inches of snow... I got on the computer and (the highway was reopened - but still "orange" on the maps) Driving Due north, and then due east took me on an alternate route. An extra half hour, but NO SNOW, and no stress.

At costume con, I attended a presentation (actually a workshop) on blind hem stitching, and on re-creating a 1870's dress - with emphasis on the research & methods used in the original.

There was a 40+ presentation costume competition with nary a bad costume in the bunch. In fact the only one that was not done well, just had to many people on the stage, and was just too hard to see (a Bollywood wedding?). There was a marvelous couple of Harry Potter recreations, and some very good stage presentations.

I got rid of a bag of T-shirt scraps from a quilt and a bag of sewing items that I don't need - like some patterns & some trims. Only acquired a couple of red beads & some antique sewing machine bobbins. Oh yes and a small skein of brown wool for my Mom's senior knitting club. [From the swap & sale.]

This was a very nice day. Capped with my doing some research for the woman re-creating the 1970's dress to find the sewing attachment for her to add braid to the dress.

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