Luke Perry dies
I hope he rests in peace now that his character will have to killed off.
Don't insult the precious, my precious!:book:
Characters don't always have to be killed off but it would be hard to follow in his footsteps. He was a very talented actor.
I can't say that I followed his career, but he did have roles in some things I've seen, or enjoy, such as The Fifth Element. It's sad to see someone succumb to a stroke at such a young age.
I never followed his career, but he was the male lead in the original Buffy movie.

I didn't really think the fate of his character was any big deal, but USA Today dedicated a whole article to it.

It's tricky. With supporting characters it's not as big a deal. Obviously, replacing Darren Stephens didn't work, but there's no way on a show like that to have a death plotline. I was a big
fan of a show in 7th grade called Alias Smith and Jones, which was a blatant ripoff of Butch and Sundance. One of the stars died, and they replaced him - but viewers never accepted
the he actor, and it was soon cancelled.
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