Amazon has finally begun publishing stuff about the new Middle-earth series
As you'll see from yesterday's blog post (Amazon Launches a LoTR On Prime Website), Amazon has launched a new Website (LoTR on Prime) where you can download what appears to be the official map of the new Middle-earth adaptation.

The production also has an official Facebook group that you can follow.

The map has a new mountain range in the east that does not appear on any of the Tolkien maps, although fans are quickly concluding they may represent the Orocarni, which did appear on older, pre-LoTR maps (the Tolkien Estate would have to grant permission to include those features of pre-Middle-earth fictional Tolkien Earth).
I can’t wait for it.
Don't insult the precious, my precious!:book:
I think a lot of people are with you, badlands. I'm eager to see the premier myself. I'll decide after that if I want to keep watching. But if Ian McKellen comes back as Gandalf they'll score a major coup.

The writers are working in California and their office has an armed guard. That's kind of extreme.

People are overanalyzing the two maps that have been released so far, coming up with wild speculations. So far I haven't seen anything on the maps that leads me to believe they would base the show in the Second Age but I've read several Websites where people are leaning in that direction.

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