How to Train your Dragon III
So the trailers for this movie look pretty good, but the web-page plot is very complicated, with way more back & forth between capture/escape/capture/escape than I'm comfortable in a 100 minute movie.

I really like the voice of Hiccup, Jay Baruchel, who I liked in The Sorcerers Apprentice. I like the voice of Astrid, America Ferrera.

The critics seem to like this, but I'm conflicted.

What say you all?
*shrug* If you liked the first two, go see it - surely an animated film won't be too complex for an adult to follow. I bet it's more accessible than it seems.
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I like the first one. Never had a chance for the second.
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I really enjoyed the first movie. The second one was a little disappointing to me, although I'm not sure why. Maybe it's just that every sequel now tries to outperform its predecessor and they kind of leave behind the original elements of their invented worlds.

On the one hand, you want more of the same. On the other hand, you realize the fictional world really needs to be larger and include things that weren't shown in the first movie or television season/series. Where I tend to lose interest in franchises is when they start to subtly change the rules by ignoring things they had established in earlier stories.

The animation looks superb and I suspect the story will stand on its own. But it may disappoint some people who loved the first or second movie.

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