Is there a movie about the life of the Rock and roll legend: Little Richard?
Is there one about his life?
Don't insult the precious, my precious!:book:
Yep, disguised under the title Little Richard . :wink:

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Has nothing to do with the question but my brother used to jam with Little Richard. My brother, Rick, played in a local band in Augusta, GA in the 1970s and Little Richard was one of many popular rock artists who came through the area every year on tours. They usually descended upon some local hole in the wall to jam with the local musicians. Rick's band was one of the groups that got to jam with a lot of those artists, but they often just wanted to jam with my brother. Rick's band fronted for Little Richard at a club one year so they got to know each other. Little Richard gave my brother some memorabilia, a gift he didn't bestow on the other band members (who were all great guys and very good musicians). Rick said Little Richard was just as sincere and genuine as you could hope to be.

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