The kid who would be
I saw the advertisement on TV and thought that this might be cool.

The Kid Who Would Be King, Trailer
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It opens in another week. So what think you? Just another British School movie? Or 'that's true, but it still looks worth seeing; ?
I love the Harry Potter reference. When I saw the first trailer last year I thought it was just a kiddie film. It seems to be directed toward audiences of all ages. But I think I'll wait for it to come out on cable. I still haven't gone to see "Aquaman" yet. And I passed on "Mary Poppins Returns". Part of that is my sore back but I'm just not interested in the current crop of movies.
Hmmm. Sore back vs whatever seating there is in your local cinema..... I'd wait also.

It has taken me several visits to get just the right cushion to make the "new" chairs in my local theater comfortable... These being the squishy recliners that make you crain your head up to see the screen.

I may wait a week & get reviews - or just wait until the senior showings roll around.
Sir Patrick Stewart and Louis Serkis were on "The third Hour" on NBC this morning. I hit the record button.

Nice little interview. Both articulate speakers.

Most interesting was the description of training for horse riding and sword fighting. The use of plastic weighted swords on set, with picking up a real sword, for the weight, just before film rolled.

Do we still "roll" film in this digital age??

I think I'll go to see this one.
I didn't see any trailers for this before, so I didn't know what it was. I should have assumed that it was an Arthurian movie given the title.

That's Andy Serkis' kid in the lead role, apparently. That's pretty cool. Taking after his old man.

Patrick Stewart as Merlin is great, I kind of want to see it for that alone. Rebecca Ferguson (I know her mostly as the woman from the last 2 Mission:Impossible movies) is Morgana.

Could be interesting, I may check it out if I have time!
It looks cool to me.
Don't insult the precious, my precious!:book:
It was pretty cool.

This is a Kid movie, so no human dies.

My confusion about British Public Schools, and what I call Council Schools is now complete. This appears to be a day school, but the kids all wear uniforms, Jackets, vests, shirts, ties, and even school crest hoodies.

I had fun. Bit of a 'tour' with a couple of the more fun places in England on screen, you know, horses on the moors, Tintagel castle and Stonehendge.

Only sour note was the Witch Morgana was a bit over-C.G.I.

Michael - find a "good back" day and go see it in the theater.
At one point the sound speakers in the four corners of the theater were used separately. Had me turning to make sure that there weren't bad things sneaking up on me.
Irene Wrote:My confusion about British Public Schools, and what I call Council Schools is now complete. This appears to be a day school, but the kids all wear uniforms, Jackets, vests, shirts, ties, and even school crest hoodies.

My understanding, from what I was told, is that "public" schools there are what we call "private" here.

In other words, they are run by the public, rather than the state. The public schools over there have (at least historically) an association with the upper classes, I gather.

One of the best idiosyncrasies between the American and British systems, I think, because it's so darn confusing to both sides!
Yes British "Public" schools are what we, in the US, would call private schools. Small class size, uniforms, dorms, school houses etc.
Hogwarts is the Harry Potter version of a British Public School. Most students are paid for, and there might be a few scholarships and day students.

This appears to be what I call Council Schools. I mean run by the local council, i.e. town ruling board, with government funding.

Harry Potter's aunt was planning to send him to the council school, with a dyed uniform that looked like a sack.

This movie had the kids taking busses to the local modern looking, school, wearing uniforms of ties/jackets and hooded sweaters for games. The two main characters discussed that this was not the same school that they had just been in, and now they were the youngest kids. [Felt like when students in US grade school (kindergarten to 6), move to a combined school for grades 7 through 12.]

I quite enjoyed this for views of Tintagel castle (I noticed that there was no mention of how hard it is to get to the actual castle hill. I only made it to the gate house due to the steep path down & back up), Stonehenge, Glastonbury, and the moors of Cornwall.

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