Actors/ voice actors who should have voiced Disney or Pixar characters
The late Robin Williams should have played a Disney villain and so should that singer who sings You know that you are evil should be a Disney villain. The voice of The March Hare in Alice in Wonderland should have played a Disney villain.
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Voice actors are often chosen for their voices alone, not for their ability to be good/evil. In fact many actors have chosen to actually do a role, as it would be a departure for them.

Alan Rickman was the voice for the robot in the HITCHHIKERS GUIDE series (at least the one that was most recently done).
Robin Williams was put in front of a mike, and someone pushed his "Go" button. Apparently he then recorded several times the voice needed for the movie, and if someone wants to sell the tape, perhaps it could go to a charity in his honor. [One of the interviews has his Genie getting a bit to "BLUE" and having to be stopped by someone stating "It's the mouse". )
I'd actually note that Robin Williams, in his prime, could voice any character. However, Playing Peter Pan was possibly better for his Depression than ONE HOUR PHOTO.

To my ears, the voices used by Disney, and other animation, are pretty darn good actors. Sometimes I don't even recognize them. Note: The voice actor for BEAUTY AND THE BEST, Robby Benson, use both a Deep voice for the beast & light Tenor as the prince.
There is a Hallmark series actor, Daniel Lissing, who IS Canadian in the series WHEN CALLS THE HEART and Australian in interviews.

My point is that good actors can do much with their voices. Good Bad, British/American, Yankee/Southern and many things.

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