Why is Haiti so hated?
It is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and it is not only because of corrupt politicians or their practice of Voodoo? Is it because they were the first country that had a slave revolt and became a nation? Is that why there is such hate against them for that?
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I wouldn't say there's hate against them. Don't underestimate the power of corruption to undermine a country. After a while it just goes into a tailspin, and it gets so bad that even developed countries throwing millions of dollars of foreign aid at it fails to really bring about long term change.
Yeah, it's poor simply because of minimal resources and a small population, plus being isolated. And then dictatorships compounded all of that. 99% of consumers have no clue if the products they are buying come from
Haiti or somewhere else, so what they think doesn't have any effect. And 99.9% of them don't know anything about Haiti's history. I doubt too many people "hate" Haiti, when they couldn't even locate it on a map.
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