World Science Fiction Convention 2019: Dublin Ireland
Yes this is almost a year away. But I've started to plan (and pay money).

So far I have my pre-convention tour of Ireland (from Dublin to Shannon via Northern Ireland), and plane.

Soon I'll have Hotel (convention hotel opens in January).

I've already found that a couple of the authors that I collect will be there.

Diane Duane
Tamora Pierce
Charlaine Harris

Luckily Tamora Pierce is local and I've got her books signed.
BUT Charlaine Harris is not local & I really don't want to be bringing books in my luggage... Home maybe. I've got 5 unsigned books - so maybe I'll bring the dust jackets in their protectors & a marker pen that is going to dry fast (and a piece of white paper to protect it as I put it back in the jacket.

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