Gargoyles: the live action movie
Is there going be one?
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It would appear not at this time. Have you heard any rumors?
There is a 1972 film staring Cornel Wilde. A fairly good film of its kind.
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On a tangential note, I caught the super scary 1972 TV movie "Gargoyles" on Comet-TV the other day. It pretty much set the
blueprint for most creature and made-for-SyFy films that followed, although I imagine they discovered the formula on their own.
Sadly it doesn't hold up very well, but Jennifer Salt still looks awfully cute.
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Don't insult the precious, my precious!:book:
Interesting. I only vaguely recall hearing about the animated series. I don't think I ever watched any episodes.

I watched the 1972 movie when it was first shown. At the time it was cutting edge television science fiction. It received a lot of attention in the press. The sequel movie was disappointing.

But those concepts would be considered very tame compared to the animated series. I guess a live-action adaptation could be done but its success would depend on how hokey it is. If the intended audience is children I suspect they would miss out on a great franchise opportunity, given how many adults must remember the series.

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