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The Dursley's are a "normal" family. With their 'normal' house, and the father's 'normal' job, and their mother's 'normal' position as a stay at home mother. Their son will grow up to be a normal' child, go to the expected school. Normal. Normal. Normal.

The fact that Petunia has a sister that was not normal, i.e. different is a dark secret. Lilly was to go to a special school and get special attention. Then she had the bad taste to go ahead and do well, marry another "not normal" man, and finally to have a child who was just the age of Petunia's own child. [There is mention in the HP archive that Petunia begged to be allowed to go to Hogwarts.] And finally to have Lilly's child dropped on their doorstep. (not normal) and left for them to raise. Spending money on Harry that normally they would spend on their own child.

They don't really hate magic. They hate anything that would make them different. Make people look at them, . . Owls flying in daylight. And loud bangs these things don't happen in 'normal' families.
I think that was what the original "observation" was getting at. People (like Petunia and her hubby) want to be "normal," not "freaks."

There aren't any references to religion at all in the Potter books are there?
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Not that I remember.

I suppose that to look normal, the Dursley's might have gone to church, but I don't remember that being mentioned.

I suppose that a British Public School would have "chapel" required of their students (or at least in all of the British fiction I have read), but I don't remember any such building or requirement at Hogwarts.

Oh dear, right now the movies are repeating on TV. I suppose it might be time to re-read the books.
Yep, chapel, choir, religious studies etc. etc. would be an integral part of the kind of school they are mirroring (i.e. Eton, Rugby, etc.) but that's the whole point - this is for a different population with a different set
of values entirely.
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Yet clearly Harry was excluded from as much of the Dursley's social circle, including church, as was possible.
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I guess they hated magic, but hated Harry more, and didn't want o bother to try to "save" him.

But my guess is that we've already put more thought into religion than Rowling ever did.
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I don't think that they hated Harry. I don't think that they hated magic. They hated the 'not normal' that Harry and magic represented in their lives.

I think that they were more concerned that their neighbors would think that there was 'something strange', than they were concerned with anything else.

For Dudley, who had a second bedroom for his stuff, and went to that Public school, and was a bully of the worst sort... Well after the dementors, and later after realizing that Harry had helped the family, he seemed to have become a changed man [I think that he was 17, i.e. that last summer, when this happened.]
The Dursleys represent the worst possible attitudes of Muggles toward the Wizarding world. I think the lesson there is that both sides have their own justifications for the separation of magic and non-magic folk. The prejudiced Muggles tried to hunt down and kill the magical people, who weren't consorting with the Devil but rather just born with special abilities. And the so-called Purebloods among the magical folk felt they were superior to the Muggles and shouldn't have to hide from them.

All the hatred and animosity the Dursley's expressed was characteristic of the worst witch-haters. For the Dursleys there was no doubt that such people were real: they had one living under their roof and were part of a special protection charm. They were trapped in a world of which one (Mr. Dursley) wanted no part and the other (Mrs. Dursley) could not be a part. She was like a Squib who couldn't even be a proper Squib.

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