Witches vs warlocks vs wizards
Witches are often portrayed as women and evil ones.while men are wizards, which are good unless they are warlocks? Warlocks are sometimes good? Why are witches portrayed in the right light? Where did they get the idea that witches kill children or devil worshippers kill women though not all devil worshippers considered themselves witches or that witches considered themselves devil worshipers?
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Witchcraft and wizardry have been shunned for thousands of years. It's easy enough to label everything you don't understand or agree with as some sort of evil practice, but given the stories of how some modern day witches in Africa have spread illness and injury, I would say that the higher risk practices of some fringe belief groups have probably earned he bad reputation over time. And you just need a major organized religion to toss everyone else in with the truly dangerous people.

Then along comes the modern age of fiction novelists and commercial entertainers, and suddenly people take every little story from history and folk-lore and turn it into a new story on a larger scale. So the social ideas about witchcraft and wizardry have grown over the past couple hundred years mostly (in my opinion) through literary and commercial innovation.
While witchcraft may be generally shunned or frowned upon, there is a religion called "Wicca", officially recognized as such in the United States, which resembles 'witchcraft' in some ways. Although, from what I know about it, it seems to be more 'nature-based' and perhaps closer to the druidical practices of Western Europe (including those sometimes depicted in Arthurian legends) than more traditional witchcraft.

Wiccans sometimes refer to themselves at 'witches'. More to the points made above, the terms is used as gender-neutral. A "warlock" (also gender-neutral) is an oath-breaker, that is, one who has in some way broken faith with their coven (and usually been expelled as a result).

I came by this information not from Wikpedia, but by personal acquaintance with a Wiccan. She tried to recruit me several times to join her coven (which is how I came to be aware of the gender-neutrality part), mistaking my passing knowledge of various druidical practices for actual study. Most of what impressed/convinced her was my knowledge of the "Deryni" novels of Katherine Kurtz. Also Marion Zimmer Bradley's "The Mist of Avalon".
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I almost concluded that post with "LOL", but it isn't good practice to make light of other people's beliefs, IMO. Also, my friend was not a "Craftie", aka, a person who went about calling herself a 'witch' in the wake of the movie "The Craft". She began her involvement in Wicca before the movie came out, and stuck to it long after the movie's influence had faded from popular culture.
"Never ask an Elf for advice, for he will say both 'Yes' and 'No'." - Frodo Baggins to Gildor Inglorion
'witchcraft' is the dominator's pejorative term for the original matriarchal worship of the Goddess. religion is about controlling the proletariat; the workers, the surfs; you and me. it goes much farther back than the current 'wiccan' popularity wave (tiktok). the priests/finance bros/capitalists wield control by usury, unjust wages and enclosures/accumulation dispossession. and ultimately this suppression will lead our species to death.
christianity (imperialism) has been brutality efficient in erasing the true more benevolent, peaceful, loving history of humanity's origins. pls read some history books not written by white men.

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