Has Disney run out of ideas?

Do you agree or not?
Don't insult the precious, my precious!:book:
They're certainly acting like it. Because its not like there aren't any fairy tales or children's books left. Huh That was sort of the beauty of their heyday, since Little Mermaid for example isn't the most well-known or favorite
fairy tale (like Snow White or Cinderella), and other properties like Hunchback and Pochahontas weren't children's stories at all.
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I don't think they have run out of ideas. Rather, I think they are milking successful ideas for as much profit as they can get from them. That is how the Disney Company has operated for decades, gradually expanding their characters into new venues. Live action remakes of their old animated classics is just another step in the evolutionary path.

But they could also be waiting to discover the next Brad Bird or John Lasseter to come along, too. Talent like theirs requires time to develop and make itself known.

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