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Recently the producers indicated the
amount of time
that has passed in the show's eight seasons, just a year and nine months or so.

In one way, that's ridiculous, for all that to have happened. (I don't care about people getting older or
Carl growing up, since you can't stop that.) But in another way, it means TPTB are adhering very VERY
Closely to what happens, as it happens.

By this I mean: Judith was conceived in the first few weeks of the apocalypse. She was born 9 mos. later,
or probably a few weeks earlier. And the events with the Governor surely only lasted a few weeks or under
2 mos. at most. Then it's said that 6 months pass. Maybe 2 weeks for the bird flu, then the Governor strikes back,
then under 2 weeks to get to Terminus, and under a week with Gabriel and the hospital in Atlanta.

Then maybe a few weeks to get to Virginia and run out of supplies, and only a week or two before the huge
herd and the Wolves. Then we know about a month passes before Negan appears. Then maybe a month
serving him, and a few weeks of "all out war."

And sure enough, that could be about 21 months. But just amazing how some of these structured societies
developed so quickly, as opposed to Rick's nomad/gypsy existence, Woodbury (just a little town with barricades
and a self-appointed mayor), and Martinez's trailer/camper group.
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Not having followed the comic book, I found the show to be very confusing when I tried to watch it. I think that was back in season two.

I don't really know much about the later seasons but we could look at recent history in some war-torn countries where "structured societies" appear to have risen up quickly in the chaos that followed the collapse of the national governments. I would say the show is probably realistic in that respect.

It might also be worth noting that the classic movie "Things To Come" anticipated something like the Walking Dead decades ago. There is a sequence in the movie where a mysterious disease infects thousands or millions of people, turning them essentially into zombies. Local communities either kill them on sight or become infected.
I never read the comics until well into the run - perhaps season 4 or 5 - but had no problem following it. The key is that it's a continuing story, and they don't take much time to catch
you up on what has happened before. Instead they just rerun the old episodes, including the most recent one or two right before a new one airs.

There was actually a great video clip of the first episode of Season 7 of Game of Thrones, narrated by some guy who had never seen the show before. Although he was clearly familiar with the genre,
storytelling, cinema, etc. And he pretty much nailed everything - he didn't know details, but instantly got relationships right, with comments like "So these two are related somehow, and the third guy is an
old friend, but there's some tension here... ah, he's supporting one for the throne, not the other. Intense guy isn't happy, but he's keeping quite, for fear of offending hot older queen-looking lady."
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I guess it would be easy to narrate a summary of Walking Dead, then. "Well, here's a new ally. No, s/he just got bitten. Splat. So moving on down the road, here's someone who is not being nice to the neighbors. Oops, zombies found a hole in the fence. Ah, a new ally! Nope, bitten ..."
A number of folks have been forwarding news stories about the death of Scott Wilson, aka Maggie and
Beth's father Hershel (for whom we learn tonight that Maggie names her baby) from "The Walking Dead."
As I said last night, he was a quintessential working actor in Hollywood, often cast as a particular "type"
(rough Southerner in his youth, authority figure as he got older) in supporting roles in major films over 50
years. Here are a few:

- the initial murder suspect in "In the Heat of the Night"
- one of the killers in "In Cold Blood"
- George Wilson, the mechanic whose wife is having an affair in Redford's "The Great Gatsby"
- test pilot Scott Crossfield in "The Right Stuff"
- General George Marshall in "Pearl Harbor"
- Ambassador Swanbeck in "The Last Samurai"

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The time line I discussed in the first post just got another jump start, with....

SPOILERS for Season 9 below...


another time jump, this time 6 and a half years.

And Judith is now about 10. Factor in the first year of the apocalypse, in which Judith was conceived and then born, and that takes us through season 3. Add 6 months in between
seasons 3 and 4, a few months of seasons 5-8, a year and a half in between seasons 8 and 9, and now 6 and a half more years, and we get 10-11 years. And since the pilot was shot in
early 2010, this makes the characters all close to the nearly 9 years they have all aged. Madison Lintz, for example, was 11-12 when she played Sofia in the first season and a half, and as you can see
below, she's, um, changed a bit. Wink

And now, there is an excuse for societies like next two upcoming big bads to have developed in all that time. And no more scavenging for canned goods, which would all have spoiled by
now. Everyone is forced to use alternative power/fuel sources, and rely primarily on horses. The downside is that while Milton Mamet said in the third season that the walkers were decaying/dying/starving, just not as fast as we do. But 10+ years is awfully awfully slow.

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Just out of curiosity, did they ever feature MREs in the show? Mountain House, the premium civilian MRE manufacturer, guarantees their freeze-dried foods for 30 years.
Yep, in the early years people came across them here and there. It was usually in the context of some military location where the characters were looking for weapons. After the time jump, the big plot theme now is who knows how to maintain a
farm, especially if they know how to use low-tech methods, like windmills.
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This is the creepy new promo for the second half of season 9. As far as I can tell, the nursery rhyme is original, so composed by Bear McCreary. The show has used music
in significant places previously, including "Space Junk" (aka "Welcome to the New World") by Wang Chung at the end of the pilot and in the bookending scene in the 5th episode
of this season, "A Town Called Malice" by The Jam in season 7 to signify life in the Sanctuary, those ballads Beth would sing in seasons 3 and 4, and that
haunting song "Be Not So Fearful" that played as the group arrived at Terminus.

McCreary is still quite young at 39. He was only 24 when he got the gig to score Battlestar Galactica, and just 31 when he got this gig.
According to his bio, he was able to study with famed film composer Elmer Bernstein in college. "Bear" would appear to be his given name, like Leaf and River Phoenix.

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Still no love for The Walking Dead? Someone must be watching it.

The rating have been dropping significantly, but given that it's a cable series, those rating are just dropping to normal-for-cable numbers, so 5 million live, 7-8 million total, so it's still
the top basic cable scripted series. And I gather it performs well in reruns - solving programming challenges - and obviously dvd sets, streaming etc. must be a huge source of
additional revenue. Ditto for overseas sales.

It's been renewed for a tenth season, and there are a finite number of shows that have ever gone longer than that - 36, or so, by my count, and this includes Gunsmoke,
Ozzie and Harriett, Bonanza, and Lassie.

One big thing has been the exodus of the cast recently. Of course, plenty of people have been killed off along the way. A few of those actors have gotten subsequent regular tv
gigs, so basically status quo in their careers, while the others have gone back to being
working character actors. But as the fan world found out with Buffy and Hercules, standard contracts
are for 7 years, and most shows are cancelled long before that. If a show is popular, then the cast - especially the
star(s) - become convinced they can make the transition to the big screen, or to a better-paying starring tv gig. And sadly,
it very rarely happens. (Insert examples of ten actors where it worked out - George Clooney for example - and there are a
thousand where it did not - his castmate Julianna Margulies, for example.) But Walking Dead is
almost unique, because the two main stars, Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan, are both British, and after 7 years, or in
their cases, 8 seasons each, each likely would have taken a salary cut to be able to get out of the Georgia heat. :jester:
And since both are still relatively young and hot, I'm sure each had their agents say "double my salary, or I'm out."

So in Cohan's case, she had the offer of a new series, and made a compromise - she would still do a few episodes in season 9,
with the option to come back for a few in season 10, or more (if her new show gets cancelled.) Lincoln did the same, appearing for
a few in season 9, then committing to three made-for-TV Walking Dead movies. Most of the other main characters - Norman
Reedus and Melissa McBride for example - know that this show is their bread and butter at their age (late 40's/early 50's) and simply
accepted huge raises to stick around for up to 12 seasons.

The only other star whose contract is up is Danai Gurira, and after 7 years, she has a gig in the Marvel Universer now, and I
doubt they were able to meet her price. So she too has agreed to a few episodes in her 8th season, i.e. season 10, and then
she too is gone. (The rumor is she may do one or more of those films with Lincoln though.)

Shows like E/R and CSI and NCIS and the Law & Order shows did fine with cast changes, since like
this one, they were/are ensemble shows, and many of the transitions made sense - older characters retiring for example. But nevertheless,
the hot young attractive stars are all leaving at once. Confusedo: One solution: finally develop some of the supporting cast: Tara, Aaron, Rosita,
Enid, Alden, and of course Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who still has some star power and name-brand status.
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Netflix and Amazon may give these cable stars a second life. I still have no interest in zombie TV shows. I've watched a few zombie movies and they really need a twist to keep my interest. I can get into those Milla Jovovitch "Resident Evil" films, although mainly to kill time on a boring Saturday afternoon. They are mindless (more like mind-numbing) stories. I kind of liked "World War Z" but after watching it a couple of time I was zoned out. So I cannot imagine watching 10 years of endless zombie attacks.

At least with the Goa'uld (ala Stargate SG-1) you'd get an occasional monologue and some glowing eyes. The Doctor's arch-enemies, the Daleks, managed to evolve at least a couple of times. I'm sorry but I just don't see the appeal of a show about fighting for survival in a zombie world.

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