Anime and other Japanese animation
What are your views on it? I believe the Record of the Lodoss war was great even though I wanted to kill Deedlit.
While I'm not a big Anime fan my stepson is and he persuaded me to watch a few shows with him.

We watched "Hunter x Hunter" (Japanese with English subtitles), "Yu-Yu-Hokusho", and "Dragonball Z" up until Goku was somewhere in space (and dead).

I enjoyed the shows but other than "Konosuba" I haven't really gotten into anything on my own.

When I was younger my brother and I watched "Speed Racer", which I think was one of the first Anime. And during my college years my friends and I watched "Star Blazers" (although I lost interest in it).

There are just so many choices it's hard to connect with people on a lot of these shows.

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