Andy Williams 'Music to Watch the Girls Go By'
This video may strike some people as inappropriate given the #metoo movement and all that has inspired it. But I thought it was such a clever mix of scenes from many different movies that I wanted to share it. The song was originally composed as an instrumental by Bob Crewe in 1966. Andy Williams' vocal cover was recorded some time later. I don't know exactly when, although the notes from YouTube (copied below) attribute the cover to 1967. But all of the movie clips fall into that general time frame (say 1955 - 1975).

Watch Music to Watch Girls By - Andy Williams from YouTube
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Here is what was posted on YouTube:

Quote:Music to Watch Girls By(1967) sung by Andy Williams. Video includes scenes from several 1960's movies. Actresses include Natalie Wood, Ann-Margret, Janet Leigh, Sue Ane Langdon, Sharon Tate, Lee Meredith, Annette Funicello and Diana Rigg.


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