Stranger Things
I felt sorry for Bob the Brain being eaten by those demi dogs. I wish Dustin's pet, Drake would have save them like instead of being an enemy.
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Is this what you're referring to?

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Trailer for "Stranger Things".

I am not familiar with this movie. Or is there is a television show (perhaps online) titled "Stranger Things"?
It is a show on Netflix.
Sorry. I'm not ready to go back to Netflix, only because I cannot afford (or am too cheap) to pay for all these little subscription services.
Well, let me revive a 4-year-old thread about the Netflix show Stranger Things.

My wife and I binged on this show a few weeks ago. It took me a while to get into it, but by the end of the 1st season I was hooked. She began enjoying the show from the very first episode.

And now I understand what badlands was talking about when starting this thread. We did hope that Bob would make it. I made a point not to read any spoilers about the show so I wouldn't accidentally ruin it for us.

If there is a 5th season, we'll be sure to watch it.
I still haven't seen the fourth one yet. I hope it doesn't disappoints.
Don't insult the precious, my precious!:book:
How's the Nancy Wheeler character?
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Do you mean, how is Nancy doing in the 4th season?

As one might expect, they gave her story arc a bit of a twist. Not too surprising but I thought they handled it well.
Well, I guess I meant how is the actress handling the role? I discovered a few years ago that she's the daughter of one of my first cousins. (I had 15 1st cousins, most much older, and hadn't seen her father since the 80's, so had no idea he had a young daughter.)
August  - Jack's Pack Fan # 1, Keeper of the List, 3-Time Speaker of the JoAT Fan Quote of the Week, and the only person ever to have Back 2 Back Jack and Cleo fan quotes !
Sorry for dropping out on you. I was without a computer for a while.

Natalia Dyer has done a very good job as Nancy, in my opinion. She kind of matured into the role, as one should expect. Given the way the production schedule was disrupted by the pandemic, I think all the kids did a great job of returning to their characters in the last season.

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