San Diego Comic Con 2018 News Stories
I can't promise to grab every possible link that comes along so I decided to start this thread. I'll share what I can find here. People are welcome to share whatever they find.

Marvel Studios will NOT be at this year's Comic Con, from what I have read.
I won't be going this year, unfortunately.

That last article (the harassment one) is complete nonsense. It doesn't cite any examples of harassment at SDCC, instead mentioning famous "geeks" that have been accused
of misconduct. None of those cases had anything to do with Comic-Con, as far as I'm aware.

Quote:The convention has always been a home for comic book and genre enthusiasts, and a refuge for like-minded fans to mingle, but it's also been a place rife with harassment of women and others, whether it's cosplayers (people who dress up in costumes), general attendees or even those hawking merchandise (sometimes called "booth babes")

I've been to SDCC several times. Obviously, I'm not everywhere at once, but I've never once witnessed harassment. I'm not saying it never happens, but to claim it's "rife," and cite no examples is the worst sort of hyperbole. People dressing up are there to be seen and have their photos taken. If you've actually been, you know that the majority of them do nothing but roam the expo hall floor. When you go to panels, the audience isn't packed with people dressed up. There's some in there, but it's only a few.

I don't know who wrote this, but I'm guessing they've never been to Comic Con, as "booth babes" aren't a thing anymore, and haven't been for years. There might be one or two booths that have them, but overall it's very uncommon. One of them is usually an adult film production company hawking copies of superhero "parodies," the other is usually Zenescope Entertainment, a small comic book publisher that publishes derivative action comics with attractive women protagonists, like Robyn Hood and Van Helsing.

Every year, the most confrontational thing I see is the Westboro Baptist types protesting outside, and the counter-protestors who think it's amusing to stand beside them and yell the most blasphemous things they can think through a bullhorn. Inside, everyone's focused on trying to get around the crowds and have a good time.

It's so deflating to see these kinds of pieces pop up all the time, but I rarely have the first hand experience to challenge them with any authority. In this case, I can. The picture this article paints is not accurate. Contrary to what it suggests, SDCC is remarkably well behaved for the sheer amount of people that are crammed into
that space.
We live in an age where media sites tend to write to specific biases. I cannot recall a time in my life where I have seen more retractions and firings or resignations over poorly researched "news" than in the past five years. The pressure to get content out there in front of an audience is immense. So I can accept that the story may be exaggerating the impact of harassment at SDCC. Still, people should be aware of the general problem so that they learn to be more sensitive to it when it happens in front of them.

Honestly, after reading dozens of stories by women over the past 1-2 years, about how men have treated them, I can honestly say I am embarrassed about some of the things I said and did when I was a young man. At the time I thought I was just 'playing'. It never occurred to me that my words and actions might have seemed in any way inappropriate or threatening.
To get back on track, one of the things I like about Comic Con news coverage is that more companies are offering "live" shows (feeds) from the convention. It would be cool if they did this for more conventions, but you have to start somewhere.

Here is a brief list of who is promising live action from Comic Con. Of course, I cannot be comprehensive or all inclusive,
Some more news stories from 2018 Comic Con San Diego.

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