Dust and books.
Thanks Michael. Unfortunately I peeked into the Den while the air was still white. To check on the size of the hole.

Now, the dust in there has long ago settled, and had a vacuum. But I should probably plastic seal the wall in both the closet & the Den, to prevent new dust.

Next dust maker contractor comes 8/1 - to put in the HVAC connections for second floor. after that I have my normal cleaning person coming. I'll have the Den vacuumed.

I am not going into the Den again until after constructions & trying not to shift any dust covers until it will be time to carefully take them all down.

Jerrie - There is a filter in the AC unit. AND for years I have put a second air filter flat on the floor over the return air area. As this is part of the area where the walls were just pulled, this second air filter saved the AC from getting dust, chunks of plaster & wood from going down the pipe. (and my turning off the AC until 8 hours after all work was completed might have helped).

I'll ask the HVAC guy to put in a new filter after he finishes his part of the construction.
It has been several months. Such is scheduling construction. Only one wall has been opened, and the plaster dust from that, still coats the den.

The books have been covered with plastic all of this time.

sadly, I have needed to get into the 'bills' side of the bookcase in the den, and noticed plaster dust inside the plastic when I went to grab a padded envelope yesterday.

So, today the major work starts. This is my calm before the dust.

Everything is covered that can be covered. Some of the plastic needed to be tweaked aside to reach the books within. I think I've taped everything closed again. Maybe I'll walk around the living room with blue tape.

Mom wants photos, but perhaps I'll only take some each day after the dust has settled. I'm already coughing from some other stuff. I don't need to breath chalk dust nor MOLD stuff.

I was about to close the door to my guest room/computer room, and decided that I needed one last computer fix.

Well, I'm about to pack a "go bag" with my Nook & jacket. I may haunt the mall today (or just Barnes & Noble), as they have power & bathrooms.
It's rather concerning that you're forgetting to mention air conditioning and your food options. Do eat [and read] well out there! Then share your adventures.

Since the construction might cause dust everywhere,,,,,,,,,,
and the HVAC guy won't be here until Wednesday, the HVAC is off now. Luckily the weather is cool (and drizzly) and I need neither AC nor Heat.

Since I have some other issues, I'm not cooking. I don't count microwave cooking. Luckily there is a niche market that specializes in single serving, interesting, meals.

Also, since the water was turned off most of the day, I went out for lunch.

So after day one. Bathroom is gutted, down to sub-floor. Lots of stuff has sifted between those 76 year old sub-floor boards down to the basement (where they hung plastic sheeting to collect). There was less dust today, than back in July but that was actually sawing away at a wall.

This was more, crowbar down the walls and up the floor. Behind those walls was interesting wiring - luckily all of that goes.

Tomorrow, I expect that the closet wall to the bathroom will be removed, and maybe the plumbing drain to the second floor will be re-routed. OR maybe it will be the day the old electrical gets removed.
Did you have knob-and-tube wiring? That stuff's seriously dangerous. Whether it's that or not, it's a good idea to get your old wiring re-done and updated, to reduce maintenance issues in the longterm.

Do they have any idea of a timeline when they'll be done?

I don't think that the now exposed wiring is knob & tube. I believe that it is just 76 year old wiring that was closed up by a do-it-yourself home owner.

On either side of where the medicine chest was, there are boxes for wall sconce. These just seem to have cloth covered wire, jammed back in the box & then were plastered over. No capping was done. , or at least not visible.

The official time line is 3 weeks, with me handing over checks each Monday. Luckily the day started with my designer, Tanja, visiting. She's the reason I chose this company. She was at a home show and spoke 'customer' to me rather than breezed over details and speaking in 'contractor'. So with Tanja visiting, I had confidence in the two strangers where were there to gut my house.

Yesterday was spent reading outside, sitting under my car port (moving the chair deeper into the space when it started to mist & then drizzle). My break for lunch was at my favorite Chinese restaurant. Destruction was done for the day around 2:00-2:30. I took pictures for my album (the only way to know what will get sealed behind the walls), and then must have napped, read and watched TV for the rest of the day.

At least one of that team will be back today around 8:30 AM. Sadly I've got places to be before that, but I should be home by then.
It's reassuring that the designer a) speaks 'customer' and b) is actually on-site. The ongoing taking of pictures is an excellent idea.

Where in the worlds do you have to be before 8:30 a.m.? Have you rejoined your walking group?
I have rejoined my walking group. But that is not until 9:00 AM Saturday.
BUT, today was 7:30 AM Weight Watchers.

Two guys are downstairs putting up wall studs. Sadly the measuring determined that there just isn't room for everything inside of the existing wall space.

So, going to plan B, which I pre-approved (and approved again at 11 AM), they will borrow the 2 inches from behind the den door to make the space for the washing machine & hiding other stuff like HVAC, plumbing & electrical possible.

They just convinced me that they could put the new wall on top of the existing carpet. Their reason is that this is the way the rest of the room was. Still bothers me. But if the rest of the wall boards will need to be pulled (or a skinny molding added) when I remove the rug, then I guess that is the way it will be.
With as much dust as you're describing, I hope you're wearing a mask to breathe when you sleep or somehow keep the air filtered. Do the contractors clean up at the end of their day or do you vacuum the place? I would go nuts living around that much dust.
All of last week there was a drop cloth across the hallway, blocking the living room. And a heavy cloth drop cloth across the bathroom door. Plus runners across carpet & kitchen. This blocked most of the dust.
They cleaned up at the end of each day, and again left the big drop cloth across the bathroom door for the weekend.

This hasn't been 100% as this morning when I grabbed my black waist pouch, the base was dusty with white. I've now cleaned the kitchen table (which was on the living room side of the drop cloths.

Today is the flooring tile, with the newest End of Construction date being Friday (10/12). I will probably get my cleaning service in next week to clean up.

As I'm sleeping upstairs, haven't turned on the Heat nor AC, I'm mostly OK.

The books are also Mostly OK - though the layer of dust, behind the Den plastic, will need careful examination. The Norton books should still be fine.
The end is near. Just a couple of steps left to complete.

I've got my cleaning service in on Tuesday. Hopefully that will remove the last of the plaster dust from the surfaces on the first floor.

I'll probably pull the dust covers down, when that happens (actually before the vacuuming).

When my regular cleaning happens in November, I'll be able to return to my regular life.... Or at least I hope so.
All done. Cleaning people coming tomorrow at 7:15 a.m.

I'm going to have them dust. vacuum and then pull down the plastic in the den , living room and kitchen.

I'll continue to live upstairs until after that, and my bathroom has it's photo shoot. [The completed pic the remodel company wants for their files.]
Woo-hoo! Are you pleased with how it's all turned out?

I am pleased with the results. I have a bathroom that I can age with. Shower, 4 grab bars, tile and quartz sink top. I have gotten instructions from my cleaning lady about floor and glass cleaning. I have done a first laundry in my washer-dryer machine.

I am also pleased with the effectiveness of the plastic over the books and the lack of plaster dust in the main floor bedroom (I put draft snakes at the door & had the AC/Heat off), and since I just shoved the new Donna Andrews book onto the shelf, I realize I still need to dust check the front of that shelf for "behind the plastic" protection.

There is no new dust in either the upstairs bedroom or upstairs library. [I just "white gloved" the top of one of the book cases & the top of a small dressing table and found no more dust than a normal 2 month period.]

Today my friend shows up for an hour of putting things back up. [Hall mirror, painting in den & bathroom, curtains, shade and a kitchen smoke detector. So I expect a small amount of dust. [Let us say that one should not use their stove post surgery.]

When the shade is up, I can start to shower in the new bathroom, i.e. I can move myself down-stairs and resume my life.
I just dust tested the barrister's cases. Success! No dust on the Norton hard covers.

Not so successful in the Den, where the book case is around 10 feet wideand 7.5 feet high: to top of book case molding. The molding is 1/4 inch from ceiling, AND I kept needing stuff at the paperwork (bills) side of the book case. I may put the dusting attachment on the vacuum & give it a once over.

So only the reading copies, convention program books, doll house and various paperwork and craft items (tool box & sewing frames) got dusty.


So now my only worry "Was that bug a silver fish? and how did it get there?"
Glad this turned out well for you. Sorry I could not follow on a more timely basis. I'm just trying to do what I can while my back heals. And part of the healing process is to do more each day so it grows stronger. But that tires me out and leaves little energy for fannish stuff.

Anyway, how are you BREATHING? I realize the dust test was good but being around all that construction I would think you must have gone through some congestion. Lungs feel okay?
Well the construction followed my minor neck surgery, by a week (and the breathing tube also causing problems).

I have been a month since the construction started.

Sadly last week I had flu symptoms (not quite the full 2 weeks after the flu shot). So my coughing can be attributed to other stuff.

I was able to do a 1.5 mile walk in the mall today.... OK the last half mile was broken up by stops at several of the stores.

So I'm hoping that the dust problem is all over.

Hope that you (Michael) are well enough to get up to see the new Wizarding world movie.

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