Shutting Down the Endor Google Groups Mailing List
So, just as Cubicle 7 is shutting down its forum, I have decided to shut down the Endor Mailing List, which we have managed through Google Groups for many years.

The mailing list started out as the Middle-earth Mailing List from Xenite.Org. As we changed hosting providers through the years it became difficult to keep all the old mailing lists going. So I shut down the others and moved the Middle-earth list to Google Groups.

Over the past 2-3 years discussions have fallen off in Endor but we still sent announcements to the list whenever new content was published on The Middle-earth Blog at Xenite.Org. The liability that GDPR imposes on forum owners is too much to justify continuing to use Google Groups that way. So in a few days I will shut down Endor and people will have to follow the blog directly or through other means.

Unfortunately, my partner Randy Ray and I are managing too many Websites to allow ourselves to become entangled with a lot of user databases.

At the present time we have no intention of closing SF-Fandom or Horror Forum (a forum Randy has managed for many years). But as I mentioned in the Cubicle 7 thread, I suspect a lot of forums will soon be shut down.

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