Embedded Images on SF-Fandom
We have experienced some problems with images. We have identified several problems in recent weeks and taken action to resolve them. These new issues appear to be a result of our efforts to tighten security and prevent abuse of our bandwidth through image hotlinking.

Hotlinking is the practice of using a Vbulletin IMG tag to load an image from someone else's domain. Unfortunately this is a very common, very popular practice in Web forums. Many of our image requests come from other forums.

Although we do not police the image sources you use, we do ask that people be courteous and considerate of other Website owners' bandwidth. We also ask that you NOT hotlink to our images from other forums. Horror Forum users may hotlink to SF Fandom images because we host both Websites. Otherwise, please don't hotlink. If you do we probably won't do or say anything.

We have had to reconstruct a number of image tables and indexes. You may have noticed avatar images were broken recently. Those should now be fixed. We'll continue to monitor and review our images going forward.

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