WorldCon San Jose CA August 2018
I love travel. This year's World Science Fiction convention is in San Jose, CA.

Has anyone visited the Winchester Mansion?

The convention will have Spider Robinson as guest of honor.
Irene Wrote:Has anyone visited the Winchester Mansion?

Nope! I wasn't aware of it until they did that movie with Helen Mirren recently! Are you thinking of visiting it?
My wife and I visited the Winchester Mansion when we lived in the Bay Area a few years ago. We went twice. There were, at the time, three tours and we took two of them. It was a nice, interesting place to see.
i'm back from WorldCon and am finally getting back to East Coast Time. My feet still hurt.

Both myself and my convention room mate put in hours volunteering. Me at the volunteer area (I was Gopher Staff), and my friend at registration.

There were a few odd things. No water stations, no carpets in Expo Center and poor signage.

There was pretty good adherence to the "Three thousand friends and another two thousand that I hadn't met yet." And marvelous dealers [Dear Dave Freedman, I avoided your jewelry because I don't have the cash, and because I find it hard to resist your Silver channel work turquoise.]

Kjell Lindgren of NASA was pretty great on all of his panels. I was only able to make his "Huston we have a problem" one.
I also enjoyed the Masquerade with it's 28 or 29 presentations. The Babylon 25th anniversary was on only other event that I attended because.

Autographs. I stood, or sat, on hours of Autograph lines. The ones for Spider Robinson and Peter S Beagle were very long, and started about an hour before the session.... And then had a one book limit.
( Peter Beagle was 25 minutes late). Most of the other big names like Steve Barns, Larry Niven & George RR Martin were also long, with Martin pre-declaring a one book limit.

Well, time was spent dining out with friends, and lunching in 'Callahans' [Actually just a nice name with standard Convention setup - but with a carpet - Which had real food like Tai Curry (is that supposed to have a green sauce?)

The trip to the Winchester Mystery House was great. 4 floors of excellent Victorian construction, with a few walls cracked so that you could see the construction. Some stairs went no where, others had only 1.5 inch high steps, and openings to closets ended with the stud work, or were just view points to the air shafts. I had a lovely time looking up skylights, and then down through holes in the floor (and seeing that skylight below).

The convention had their own protest rally. People who didn't sign the "Code of Good Conduct" were refused membership. They were mad. Most of us just entered at the sides through the Hilton or Marriot.

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