Movies based on computer games or video games
Wha do you think of them? Seeing Forenight on the movie screen like that crazy Mario movie.
I am usually okay with movies based on video games. I cringe at movies that purport to show realistic computer technology. Computers are actually quite boring. The actions of so-called "hackers" in the movies, for example, are just blatantly exaggerated. In one of the "Die Hard" movies Justin Long portrayed a hacker who could take a keyboard, plug it into virtually any system, and just start breaking away at firewalls and security systems. It's not that simple.

I think people generally dislike movies that glamorize their own professions or special skills. The stories are interesting when the details are mysterious to the audience. But for every knowledge expert in the audience the poetic license used to abbreviate long, drawn-out processes or to imagine advances in the field just weaken the whole experience. It's hard to suspend disbelief when you know good and well that it would take hours, days, or even years to break into a simple computer system if you have absolutely no knowledge about who made the login password.

There are ways to get around passworded logins. For example, there are "buffer attacks" where you overload the input field with too much data and the code errors out. But those kinds of attacks only worked against certain kinds of code, and that code was used far more often on the Web than in general business applications. As a computer programmer I have literally pounded on keyboards and held down repeating keystrokes in attempts to break my own software, to ensure that people couldn't just overwhelm the login with a simple trick to get past security.

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