Where, oh where, has Michael Martinez been?
Hey, folks.

Sorry for being a stranger over the past few months. I guess a clear explanation is in order.

I got the flu in late December. Right after I changed my medical plan, so I had to wait until January to see my new doctor, which meant I became REALLY sick.

He got me past the flu but throughout most of January and February I had a lot of trouble breathing. Had to use an inhaler quite a bit.

And that means I was unable to do much work. Wasn't able to type for any length of time.

So here it is March and I'm still kind of missing in action on my own sites. I've been working the past couple of weeks to catch up on a LOT of work that was either only partially done or not done at all.

My business partner was ALSO sick throughout January and February, so he wasn't able to take up any slack for me.

Anyway, I'll probably continue to be an irregular in the forums for another month or so. And I have at least one, possibly two trips I'll have to take in the next couple of months.

We HAVE been monitoring the server for technical issues. Fortunately, nothing new has developed. It's a pretty good server (we just got it a year ago).

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