What did Frodo see?
In FotR, early in the chapter “The Council of Elrond”, Frodo laments that he doesn’t have time to explore the hills above the House of Elrond.

In the third paragraph, Frodo says, “I feel ready for anything. But most of all I should like to go walking today and exploring the valley. I should like to go up into those pine-woods up there.”
He pointed away far up the side of Rivendell to the north.

“You may have a chance later,” said Gandalf. One of the few times in which Gandalf's foresight failed him, LOL!

It had never struck me until recently, through my many readings of FotR, and through my many fan-fiction writings, but Frodo is looking longingly at the hill whereupon sits the cottage of my fan-fiction character Mordomin.
Yet I must admit that, upon reflection, the site of Taurn Daerebor, the house of Mordomin, owes much to that passing lament by Frodo.

I have always imagined that the House of Mordomin sat some way behind the crest of the hill, and so it was not directly visible from the Valley. Smoke from his chimney may have been visible from the Valley, when he was home.

Of course, by the time that Frodo awoke in Rivendell, Mordomin was long gone on an errand that Master Elrond had set him upon, to make sure that he was gone when the Ring-bearer arrived. When Frodo first leaves the Shire, Mordomin lies near death in Fangorn Forest. At the time of the Council of Elrond, Mordomin is in Edoras.

Frodo could have climbed that hill, but if he had he would have only found a strange, empty house and a locked door.
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The official maps of the Rivendell area show Imladris as being bordered by two forks of the Loudwater, which join just upstream of the Ford of Bruinen. The Last Homely House seems to be located just north of the South Fork Loudwater. One would expect some high land north of Elrond's house dividing the south and north forks. The Road seems to possibly continue south of the south fork, then turns north to follow the foothills of the Misties and crosses the headwaters of the SF Loudwater to approach the western end of the High Pass.

Based upon this, I picture Taurn Daerebor as overlooking the North Fork Loudwater, the northern march of Imladris, on the high bluffs above its gorge's southern side.
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The tales of Mordomin being accosted at his house, and he casting the bodies of his slain enemies over the cliff of Taurn Daerebor might be exaggerated. A little bit.
But those stories are aided by the fact that the house itself cannot be viewed from the Valley.
"Never ask an Elf for advice, for he will say both 'Yes' and 'No'." - Frodo Baggins to Gildor Inglorion

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