Witch World needs your help!

The Estate of Andre Norton and the Producers of the "Witch World" movie request your help.
They are trying to pin down what the "Kolder" look like and really want your input.

SERIOUSLY! ~~ Below is a collection of schetches showing various concepts. Pick one or suggest changes. Who knows you may see your input on the big-screen. The next parragraph is part of the e-mail I recieved.

From Jeff:
George, per our discussion, please see the below outline that you or Sue can edit. The goal is to get some feedback from the Andre Norton fan base to see if we're on the right track in terms of our character development.
As I read WW, I always imagined what the Kolder would look like. I would think that the Andre Norton fan would like to give some input on how the Kolder would look as well. Please ask Sue to post the below and through out her sci-fi network so that we can get as much input as possible.
"The Producers of the upcoming Witch World film are looking to the Andre Norton fans asking them for input in how the Kolder should look. Here are some sketches to to inspire some ideas. Please indicate in the comments section which number you would imagine a Kolder".
Feel free to edit as you see fit and please credit Jeremy Fenske with illustrations.
Sincerely, - Jeff Chao
Managing Partner
Kirin Media

NOTE: Had to turn image sideways to fit upload parameters - download to your system so you can flip or enlarge.

"Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted"
Andre Norton's website - andre-norton.com
The closest to what I envision is #3, but without the ridges on the head. Body type #6. I've always pictured them as very human looking, but with large, bald heads. Definitely not the insect-like versions.
I'm going to have to go back and re-read. But I always thought that Kolder were people... i.e. Humans, just with some modifications, and through a different gate.
I'll have to re-read to find a description.

To me, Head 12 and body 6 are the closest to humans .......

Then again what do I know? The "Baldies" from the Time Traveler series, were 'mostly' humanoid.

I don't remember there being Kolder until several books into the series. If I grab WITCH WORLD will that have Kolder?
Irene Wrote:If I grab WITCH WORLD will that have Kolder?

They're most prominent in Witch World and Web of the Witch World.
OK. So when I log off the computer. WITCH WORLD comes off the shelf, and over to the comfy chair.

That is now available, as the quilt I'm working on has moved to the living room floor... and yes, I have no pets.
It's specifically mentioned at one point that the Kolder looked like men Simon had known. They shouldn't look too different than Earth humans.
Jay - for your producer people. So far the Helmets of the Kolder controlled men are beaked.... These are men left in Gor. As soon as I log off, I'll go down to continue reading. About half way now with 'the witch & the blank shield heading to Kars.
I've finished re-reading WITCH WORLD
Reading was in the Gregg Press edition.

p177 "The tall thin figure..."
p178 "This was a man , at least in face, very like a great many other men Simon had known. He had rather flat features with a wide expanse of cheekbone on either side of a nose too close to bridgeless, and his chin was too small and narrow to match the width of the upper half of his face. But he was no alien demon to the eye, whatever he might house within his doomed skill.
... under the robe the man wore a tight fitting garment with no fastenings nor openings."
p210 "That cap was no cap at all, but seemingly a permanent part of the body it crowned. "

No mention of hair. And only those mind-controlled wore mail or armor.
p 46 The helms were head-enveloping and visored, giving them the unearthly look of beaked birds of prey."
I always thought the Kolder were humans myself.
Yes that appears to be the case, and all male.
Yes, those are all of the mentions. I trimmed my comments down to the description of the Kolder, being thin, and human. The "flat face" description, can relate to many of the peoples of the Far East (our) earth.
You have additionally, all of the details of dress.
Amalgamating all the quotes, they are tall, thin, rather androgynous, papery white skin, dark eyes, almost triangular, flat faces faces with a narrow chin/lower half of their face broadening to the eyes/upper half of the face, nearly bridge-less nose. They all wear those skull caps so they don't seem to have any hair. The leaders have actual metal caps wired into their brains and connected to machinery.

In fact, the first Kolder Simon sees could have been an androgynous female doctor. He couldn't even tell their gender as their back was to him. For the movie, that one could be female.
There was a Star Trek episode with the aliens having lower register voices, wearing white robes... men. Acted by very thin women who had the right "look".

We just don't want the movie guys to spend a lot of time, and budget, creating creatures. In actuality the Kolder are just another race of humans from alternate earths.
Don't know if it would provide any more detail but was there not also a scene in Web of the Witch World where the Kolder opened their gate only to be ambushed by the rear guard they left behind?
Michael Wrote:Don't know if it would provide any more detail but was there not also a scene in Web of the Witch World where the Kolder opened their gate only to be ambushed by the rear guard they left behind?

There was. They were described as basically living skeletons. The Kolder give a whole new meaning to 'alien' - none of their tactics made a lick of sense.

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