Piracy of Andre's books
Through Slashdot today I read an article by the SFWA regarding entire books being scanned by the Internet Archive and OpenLibrary (http://www.sfwa.org/2018/01/infringement-alert/). I went to the link listed, https://archive.org/search.php, and searched for books by Andre. I found nearly 200 books, some of them quite recent like the Tor omnibuses that have been published. I was able to download complete PDF and Kindle copies of The Shadow of Albion.

Is Andre's estate aware of this? Should someone notify Sue? There are instructions in the SFWA article about what to do. I understand that some of her early works are now in the public domain, but not all of these titles. I know that piracy is going to happen, but I thought these are supposed to be legitimate sites that follow copyright law.

I hadn't heard of this. I suppose that all parts of Andre Norton's estate need to take a view of this.

Sadly (and she bows her head) I know that I have a few books on my Nook that were not legally purchased. At the time I obtained them the actual books were not offered in eFormat.

I am ashamed at myself, and if the books are now legally offered, I should replace with legal copies.
The copyright to "The Shadows of Albion" belongs to Rosemary Edghill as far as I know, and all the other titles available for download are in the public domain. The other titles shown seem to be available to borrow from the public library system.

Even the pulp mags available for download contain public domain stories.

Hope that helps clear things up a little.

Ooopps! - Found a couple more titles available for download but the copyrights belong to the Estate of Marion Zimmer Bradley.
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Great. Wonderful. Just read the SFWA alert. This sounds like another case of someone in Silicon Valley coming up with a "great idea" without thinking about who will be harmed by it. Silicon Valley seems to operate on the principle of "the needs of the idealists outweigh the needs of the few or the many".

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