Are these shows fascist?
I personally don't believe these cartoons are fascist since trains do need people ruining them and it is racist to care what color or sex the person running the train line is? As for Paw Patrol, who cares if it is a little white boy telling a bunch of puppy dogs what to do. They are puppy dogs, not people. All children should dictate animals.
I replied to your post about Will Smith's new Netflix movie, Bright, by saying critics were often reviewing things along political and social lines. The link you provide to the
CNN article here might as well be "Exhibit A" in my defense of that statement.

When you see nonsense like this, it's difficult to dismiss the criticisms our buffoonish President has leveled against CNN. I mean, really, this is how the self-styled intellectual
juggernauts of our society are spending their time? Attacking puerile children's programming? Every time I think I've seen the progressives hit rock bottom, they find a way to
fall even further.

If you've got a minute, follow the link and actually read the article. It's so stupid, it beggars belief. First of all, it's a prime example of the new media controversy-fabrication-cycle
in action, wherein one outlet runs an editorial blasting something for being "problematic" (or whatever the progressive buzzword of the day is). Then two more run similar pieces.
Then the rest of them write pieces, citing the others as evidence of widespread support for whatever point they're pushing.

If you read the article, it's funny, because the quotes provided by people who would have expertise how children's minds develop don't support or deny the claims the author is
making. They simply provide general statements, which have been worked into the article. The only quotes that tend to follow the narrative that's being pushed are from parents,
not child psychology experts. By the end of the article, you see what it all is about; it's just another angry feminist, who sees white men as the source of all evil in the world, on another rant.

These angry, self-righteous types can't see that by their constant demonizing of one demographic, they're effectively creating the enemy they so desperately fear. While the rank-and-file progressives seem blind to that fact, I suspect that whomever if pulling the strings from the top knows it full well.

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