Confederate names/statues in public places
What are your opinions on them or their removals from schools, etc or removal of statues of Confederate heroes or traitors?
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I grew up with the legacy of the "Lost Cause". I think it's time we stopped white washing what happened. Hundreds of thousands of southern men fought for their states' rights to self-determination, but they were fighting for a conflicted cause since that "self-determination" was founded upon the principle that millions of people should be kept in slavery.

It was a moral contradiction that could not justify itself in any way. It should not be portrayed as a noble cause. It wasn't.
I think education is the key. I really hate to rewrite history, but that doesn't mean you have to glorify things that were negative. We're able to acknowledge that Julius and
Augustus Caesar presided over near-genocide of assorted "enemies" of Rome in order to grab their land and resources, enjoyed a society built on the institution of slavery,
and took pleasure in bloody gladiatorial matches.... but we don't change the names of the months July and August in protest.

Most countries with rich histories have managed to find a comfort zone with this - to my knowledge, no one in France protests the existence of Normandy as a result of
Vikings plundering and slaughtering and raping people, and in fact look to the early Normans as heroic figures. In the US, so much of this is very recent history though - my
parents would have known plenty of elderly Civil War veterans when they were children, for example, and plenty of elderly people who were born into slavery.

Gradually the compromises we are working out with Native American history, allowing academics not politics to lead the way, seem to be the best solution. Just
acknowledge what happened, make sure everyone understands the true story, and teach children whatever lessons have been learned.
A perfect example is the time I introduced two dear friends to each other - one, who just passed away recently, was a leader of the Cherokees in South
Carolina. The other shook his hand, laughed, and said "My last name is Bradford - like William Bradford. My people did everything they could to rape,
kill, and screw over your people for the last 400 years." And they both laughed, because they both knew their history, and became good friends. :bg:
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