Hannibal vs Romans

Wouldn't this be a good movie or too violent? Probably the movie would need CGI for the elephants and snakes so they won't get hurt.
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Such a good idea that the BBC did it in 2006, with DS9's Alexander Siddig in the lead! :bg: Details here. But that was a glorified documentary for television, even though big-name actors including
Ben Cross were in it, speaking dialogue.

Vin Diesel has been talking for years about playing Hannibal, but the project remains in development limbo.

I can't imagine that it would be any more violent than any other R-rated action film.

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There was an Italian production starring Victor Mature in 1959. I haven't seen it, but from reviews I've read it sounds like it's on par with the other Italian sword
and sandal movies of the time. In other words, enjoyable enough if you're a fan of the genre, but not that great overall. :bg:
I don't remember that one but I watched a lot of Victor Mature and Italian sword-and-sandal movies when I was a kid. It was usually either them or "Peyton Place" (the movie, not the soap opera). But if HBO is looking for a new property to develop to replace "Game of Thrones", they could always go with Hannibal or the Punic Wars in general. No dragons but they could set it in an alternate universe. The Italians often monsters and gods into their movies.

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