The life story of Elizabeth Blackwell, the first female surgeon
Why hasn't a movie been made about this heroic woman and her accomplishment when so many young girls need a female role model.
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She sounds like she was an amazing woman. I think her life story would make a very interesting movie, perhaps 2 or 3 interesting movies.
She does sound like she had a fascinating life, and certainly evidence that something like Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman could have happened. I see that she was "the first woman to receive a medical degree
in the United States."

As far as "first female surgeon," see also Merit-Ptah, Agamede, Agnodice, and Metrodora.
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You know what might kick-start some interest in these ladies is a series of documentaries on one of the sciencey channels. That could include the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, or even the Science Channel. I am sure they could find enough notable women doctors and surgeons to do a full season of documentaries, maybe 10-12 in all.

There are at least three YouTube videos about Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell.

Watch Amateur documentary of Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell. from YouTube
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Amateur documentary of Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell.

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