that time I unexpectedly met Peter from the Narnia films
And then there was that time when I unexpectedly met Peter from Narnia! :thud:

I went to the kickoff of a local event, the 20th Annual Native American Film Festival of the Southeast. It's organized/curated by a good friend of mine, Will,
and he's getting me to write an article about the anniversary. Some of the featured films are documentaries, some are short films by native filmmakers,
and some are Hollywood films with native themes. This is the same festival that two years ago hosted the eastern US premiere of Lawrence Makoare's
The Deadlands, which dealt with indigenous Maori themes.

At any rate, the big Hollywood film this year was Wind River, which came out earlier in the year, and stars Jeremy Renner and
Elizabeth Olson (aka Hawkeye and the Scarlet Witch! :bg: ) Unknown to me, Jon Bernthal, aka Shane from Walking Dead, is also in it, in a supporting
role in just one scene. His scene partner - who plays a murder victim but is seen before she dies in the film's opening scene, and then again in
flashback - is Kelsey Asbille (Chow) who is from here in Columbia. She is of mixed heritage, including Cherokee, and was the guest of honor at the first
day of the festival. My friend wanted me to get some quotes from her, just the usual "such an honor to be here, and raise awareness..." sort of thing.

So while she was talking to people and I was waiting to be able to sit down and chat with her, Will said "have you met her boyfriend? He came in town
for the event with her." And I smile and nod at him, and Will asks "do you know Narnia? Did you see Narnia? He was the prince." (Will obviously has *not*
seen the Narnia films. :jester: ) I replied "Which one? There were three - Caspian, Peter and Edmund." And he perks up when I say "Peter," and
introduces himself as William Moseley. Blush Very nice, soft-spoken young man. I had occasion to chat a little a couple of different times
while first I and then he waited on Kelsey - I showed my ignorance by asking what his next project was, forgetting that he's starting season 4
of The Royals which I then remembered. But he laughed and said "don't worry, it's not your demographic." Hoping he meant "male" and not "old." :laugh:
But I mentioned I'd have to check it out, and he laughed again and said "no no, don't."

Kelsey meanwhile has similarly done mainly kids' shows, including recurring roles on One Tree Hill and now Teen Wolf, and the female lead in
a Disney XD show called Pair of Kings. She also had a bit in Amazing Spider-Man, credited as "hot girl." :poke: (She was Peter's classmate in
the hallway who invited him over to take photos...but it was of her and her boyfriend.) This is probably her first adult role at age 25, although she's still
playing a teenager.

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That's pretty cool! It's always nice to meet people who have achieved fame, but are still down to earth and decent.
Ah! Based on what I see at IMDB "The Royals" is kind of a British "West Wing" (or "West Wing" is kind of an American "The Royals"). I guess the Kevin Spacey Netflix show (now without Kevin Spacey) is kind of in this genre, too.

Not sure I want to ever watch these kinds of shows, but I suspect a Donald Trump-inspired show may be next.
Wow! That was cool.

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