Blade Runner 2049
Blade Runner is probably my favorite film of all time, so ever since they announced they were making a sequel, I was wondering if they'd mess it up.

Having seen the new movie several times now, I think that it's the best possible outcome, and I'm very happy with it. It's not perfect, but it wouldn't
really be Blade Runner if it was, given the original film's history.

While its not the film I would have come up with if asked to do a Blade Runner sequel, it's a satisfying movie. It's got a great cast, too, probably one of
the best I've seen in a long time.

There's been a lot of talk about it underperforming at the box office, but I think it's doing well all things considered. I don't think most Millenials ever cared
about the original film that much. The run time is almost three hours, and they made the incredibly stupid decision to release it in 3D, too, so both those
factors together significantly cut into the amount of showings they're going to be able to have every day.

In spite of all that, while it didn't wow over the weekends, it's performed very well during the week, compared to everything else out there. It hasn't
released in China and Japan yet, either. After this weekend it's sitting at $158,578,387 on a $150 million dollar budget, so it's hardly a failure. It's also the
sort of movie that's going to sell strongly on DVD.
Yeah, the original performed the exact same way - everyone who was into sci-fi and film noir loved it, but the general public didn't rush out to buy tickets.

They can always release new "director's cuts" every few years, with 9 seconds of unseen footage! :jester: :crazy:
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august Wrote:They can always release new "director's cuts" every few years, with 9 seconds of unseen footage! :jester: :crazy:

I'm curious to see if they've held anything back so they can release an "extended" version or something of that nature. Kind of like the Lord of the Rings did.
I have not seen the new movie. Have no intention to see it. I never really got into the first one, to be honest. The original "Blade Runner" was always in my "I'm bored on a Saturday afternoon with nothing to do but watch a movie I'm really not into" category.

My friend and business partner Randy Ray saw the movie and loved it. He's a big Film Noir fan.

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