I'd Love to get Your Opinion
Hey fellow Sci-fi fans!
With the help of some amazing friends, that are also talented artists, I made an indie sci-fi film. I'd love to get your feedback on it in an attempt to continue to grow as a filmmaker and storyteller. If you're interested, the movie is called EARTHRISE and is free to watch on Amazon Prime. I'll paste the link and synopsis so you can see if it sounds like something you'd want to watch. There should be a trailer there as well. Thanks for considering! Smile

Amazon: http://bit.ly/Earthrise_on_Amazon

"Humanity now lives on Mars. Each year a small number are sent back to aid in it's rehabilitation. We follow three individuals as they go home for the first time."
Well, I am not an Amazon Prime customer so it would cost me $99 or whatever to watch the movie.

I did watch the trailer and it looks pretty good. This appears to be a thriller in space with some violence and gore.

Watch Trailer for "Earthrise" from YouTube
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