Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda Season 1 New DVD Release
The first season of Andromeda is getting re-released on DVD October 3, 2017 from Lionsgate. I don't know if this means they've acquired the rights to the
series. The streaming version on Amazon also lists Lionsgate as the studio, so that may be the case.

There are no special features listed, so this may be a bare bones release. Still, at under $20 (currently $12.99 at Best Buy and Amazon, $15.98 on the
Lisonsgate website store) it's reasonably priced. I'm happy to see this, as I'd gotten rid of my Andromeda DVDs years ago, but would enjoy watching it
from time to time if it was available at a reasonable price, and a not-so-bulky format as the old DVD cases they released them in.

The next question, I suppose, is if Lionsgate owns it now, will it end up on Netflix and other streaming services.
I rather enjoyed the first season very much. I still cannot get my head around what happened with the producers. The show took a very bizarre turn after the first two seasons. I know Robert Hewitt Wolfe wrote about the dustup from his perspective but I kind of lost interest in the show at that point.
I'm guessing the first season didn't do much in sales, since we never saw stand-alone releases for the other seasons.

Lionsgate is releasing a new complete series DVD box-set on February 26, 2019. Looks like it'll retail for around $50 give or take. Ten bucks a season is very reasonable.

Here's an Amazon listing link. Looks like your typical cheap release, with all the discs stacked inside a large case.
Amazon Prime has been streaming the early seasons but you cannot watch the entire series. That's probably just as well because the show became absolutely awful after they fired Robert Hewitt Wolfe. I tried binge-watching it last year and couldn't even make it all the way through the episodes Amazon was carrying.

I don't know how the streaming revenues tie in to DvD configurations and sales, but Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda will probably never become a cult classic among online streaming and DvD fans.

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