Boskone 2018 February 16-18
Now that I am back from WorldCon 2017, it is time to think ahead to 2018.

First up is Boskone, held in Boston MA during the winter.

Let me say that Boskone has been held in February, during or just after Presidents week, [School holiday.] for the 20 something years that I've been attending.

Now Boston is a town with lots of spirit and lots of confidence. In fact they have already scheduled the Super bowl victory parade. But Boston can be a town deep in snow, and a winter convention can be problematic.

Also, let it be said, that I expect to have retired before the convention, and can spend some quality volunteer time driving one day round trips. But for the convention, I will stay in the convention hotel, with my auto in a parking garage at the end of the "T" [Also know as Boston Subway] . I having reached the age where I don't feel like digging my auto out of a pile of snow on the Sunday afternoon. Of course in the past few years we have had snow on the ground. One bad enough that I needed a hotel room the day before and the day after the convention, and the "T" didn't run between the hotel and the station that last day. The price for parking at the hotel has been huge - so I'll be walking the distance over the highway from "T" to hotel. So having said all of that. Assume that I will have a suitcase on wheels.

Tamora Pierce has accepted the status of Young Adult Fiction Guest.
Sharon Lee & Steve Miller live a train ride away, and this convention is often attended by Jane Yolen & Bruce Coville, so lots of my favorite authors.
[Addenda: and a friend wants to have me take some books by Spider Robinson to Worldcon = 4 more books in suitcase.]

I will need to determine what books need to be signed, and how many to bring. Can I get away with just plain white paper & signatures there? What will I need in terms of clothing for the weather. [The blizzard year, I needed boots, jeans, thermals, sweater, scarf, gloves and winter coat. That was just from the "T" to the hotel.]

Part of the fun of travel is the planning.
I do not think of you as being of retirement age. Take that as a compliment. Smile

I'm not sure how many conventions I would be able to do per year after retiring. Not sure I WILL retire. Not sure I want to. But that decision is still years away.

Anyway, I hope they keep you busy for decades.
So this is how retirement feels.
Outside the weather is bad. I can see the houses across the street, but not the street itself.
The snow plow has plowed a single path down my road. I'm still in PJ's at almost 11 AM.
I neither had to bring a computer home from work, or get on my work email. :jester:

So now I have time to start planning for my trip to Boston in February.
Right now, I plan to drive in to help them load the truck at the club house, and then stay over at a friends.
Then harder task of finding a parking space at the Alewife T-station. and then heading to the Hotel.

So how many books to pack? What to bring? I'm staying a few days longer than normal, but Could get away with packing the minimum clothing into a small wheeled bag.
Bruce Coville will be there, and Tamora Pierce. I have a hard cover by each of them. (I seldom get paperbacks signed.)
My friends want me to collect some Spider Robinson books for signing in August at WorldCon. Maybe I can convince them to do a book swap after the snow melts?
I've also got several books that I could swap out. I.e. I got the books, read them, and don't plan to read again.
I've also got several desk toys that can be donated to other desks (robot, rocket ship etc).

I don't know how this will all fit in one small rolling bag.
Starting to get antsy about this convention. Now a friend wants to come, that means I need to determine if I can switch rooms from a King to a 2-Double bed room.
With two people, I should do the math for parking and T-line versus parking at the hotel.
I got home from Boskone at around 5:30 PM on Sunday. Boy was I tired.

My usual "go to" Authors were there. Just before the Bruce Coville reading, A young man walked in and sat in front of me. Bruce told a new story (he is a great story teller) about an elevator closing/opening several times and a room key thrown to his feet. The young man responded that this wasn't the first time that Jane Yolen had thrown out her room key "The gal's got game." When Jane Yolen walked in the young man was revealed to be her son Adam Stemple.

One of the authors was interviewed by an a Astronaut, who later was part of the reverse interview. Cady Coleman, was in her flight suit, and was very cool with onboard stories (your foot callouses disappear, and you get new ones on the top of your feet), using the trainer in the pool (did you know that for women, they get an airpocket in their suites, which acts differently in water than it does in space.

The art show was marvelous. Sadly I was forced to buy another bowl from my friend who keeps experimenting with glazes. I met a new glass work dealer (Cady Coleman bought a glass pig from him - none of his planets as she gets plenty from her husband Josh Simpson), and saw some lovely new burl wood, and wooden zithers from Johna, and art from Marianne Plumridge, Bob Egelton and Dave Seeley, as well as several historic art with robots that included many of the greats.

I only bought a couple of books, and accepted a free book.... I still had to drag my suitcase down the stairs at the (train) T-stations. I did get some help from one of my friends, also making part of the trip.

I slept through the dances, and even the live cast play. And missed many many interesting panels, because there was just to much to do.

I know why this is on my yearly calendar.

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