Keep your books above water
To all my friends in the areas affected by the recent flooding events:
Keep your books above water, and your e-readers charged.

To all of my friends in the areas affected by the recent wildfires:
Keep your duffle bag next to the book case with your favorite books - the better to pack them.

Hopefully the future will figure out how to send some of that excess water toward the wildfires.
[?Super pipeline? Teleport? I wouldn't dare try to affect the weather. Chaos]
Hope everyone and their books are safe during these awful storms. I can't even imagine moving 6000+ books...
Oh no! which 5 - 8 - 12 books would I grab on the way out? I think that most of them are in the living room book cases.
But how would I choose which ones?

[I used to travel to Florida, and later Tennesee, with an overnight bag filled with 9 hard covers, a change of clothes, pj's and tooth brush. I don't know if those would even fit these days, as I would also need Rx and the electric toothbrush. I suppose the larger overnight bag - but I can't put that in the overhead..... I'm about 4' 11" - and just cannot reach.]

So this is sort of the 'desert island' question, only updated:

What books would you add to your 'go bag' on the way out of the house?
Irene Wrote:What books would you add to your 'go bag' on the way out of the house?
This is so hard. My Word.file of signed copies runs to 43 pages!

- I would have to take the Gregg Press "Witch World" editions, as they are so scarce, and each has a signed High Hallack bookmark tucked inside.
- I would have to take the Isaac Asimov book that he signed for me "melodiously--he, not I".
- I would have to take the Louise Penny book that she signed for me "Happy Birthday, Jim".
- I would have to take the typescript copy of Dennis Wheatley's thriller Mayhem in Greece.
- I would have to take my copy of A Christmas Carol signed by Dickens' great-great-great-granddaughter and her parents.

That's probably all I could carry. I can always buy more clothes...
I would probably forgo the dozen Gregg Press editions in favor of
lately I've also been reading a lot of Sharon Lee & Steve Miller - and those are also in the living room, so I would grab up the PARTNERS IN NECESSITY (which may also have an Anne McCaffrey signature) and FLEDGELING
upstairs I still have several Lois McMaster Bujold's that I re-read. I suppose that it is time to bring a couple down to the re-read shelf (and move the J.K. Rawling's books upstairs)

I think that is less than 9, but my standard "go bag" would not have room for them unless I remove something that I normally bring on a weekend trip.
I hate to say it, but I think Jose may be waggling toward the north. I hope we don't see another Sandy in the making.

I have thought about how I would protect my books. Actually, I have HAD to think about this. My brother and sister arranged to get me some old books I had left behind a few months ago. They were all moist.

I scoured the Internet looking for ways to buy silica gel dessicates (those little gel packs that you find in various products you buy). They are fortunately for sale on Amazon but we ended up ordering them from Walmart.

I now keep my packed up books in plastic storage containers, the kind with the lids that snap on. I put silica gel packets in each container. High value books go in sealable gallon plastic bags, with more silica packs.

While I don't know if that would protect the books from a flood, I would consider moving all the containers to high shelving or an attic. I would also wrap them in plastic garbage bags and put reflective tape on them. I might also tie them together.

I don't keep that many books any more. I cannot imagine what I would do if I still had the entire collection I once owned.

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