Potter "Easter Eggs"
Supposedly there are a lot of "Easter Eggs" in the Harry Potter books that Rowling put their deliberately.

And no doubt you folk have been deliberating them and finding them for years.

I offer this: Harry Potter saw or touched all three of the Deathly Hallows before he ever knew what they were.

1) The Invisibility Cloak. Obvious.
2) The Elder Wand. Dumbledore has it, so Harry has seen it throughout the story, even though he doesn't know what it is.
3) The Resurrection Stone. Was it in the "golden snitch" before Harry ever caught it? Could be. Doubt it. But, in any case, it was in the snitch that the Minister of Magic presented to Harry as a bequest of Dumbledore.
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3) The Resurrection Stone: In the books it is in a ring. Hence flatter and smaller than the movie image.
Putting the ring on his finger was the cause of Professor Dumbledore's illness, that he is being treated for by Professor Snape.
So, Harry had been seeing it the few times he saw Dumbledore's blackened hand.
The "snitch that Harry caught the first year, in his mouth, was several years before Professor Dumbledore acquired the ring.
Of course Dumbledore would have wanted the stone to bring back his sister.
Then again Dumbledore had been planning for the long haul. He put the stone into the snitch & then gave it to Harry as a bequest. He had been searching for the three Deathly Hallows, possibly from the first that he saw James Potters cloak.

Throughtout the series there are things to find: Nicholas Flamel was a real person, who opened a hospital in Paris. Awards, and people, are named after people from myths, and history. Circe, Merlin, etc.
My theory is that these were deliberate... Perhaps the young readers would look up the names, and learn from history.
Coins in prime number conversions. Spells requiring pseudo Latin (well I wouldn't know real Latin if it hit me), What a rich world was built here.

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