World Science Fiction Convention - Helsinki Finland
Don't hate me because I'm going.

I'll be taking lots of vacation, as that is not a part of the world I have ever been.

The convention will use English as the primary language, so I should be able to understand the panels I go to, and the presentations I see [Probably go to the Costume Competition, probably not the Hugo awards.]

I plan to bring no books, nor to take any books away. Too heavy to carry.
I will have my nook for reading. BUT if the Airlines decide to not allow I-pad type computers on board, nor Lithium batteries in the Hold, I plan to bring some of my 'pile-o-books' to read and abandon.

Right now the books on the 'pile-o-books' include some Tony Hillerman & Donna Andrews. Neither are particularly Science Fiction, but that is what is on the donate pile.

There are some SF on my 'pile-o-books' but I've read them, don't plan to re-read, and plan to donate them.
The convention was at the end of a two week cruise, so I started it sleep deprived.

The best presentations were with Kjell Lindgren, NASA Astronaut, who has done a 6 month stay on the Space Station and by Jenny (sorry my mind is still broken) his PA or public assistant person.

Next best was the masquerade, which had over 25 costumes presented, mostly in the novice division. [Ratings are Novice, Journey men & Master. The last include professional 'level' costumers.]

My most memorable panel was "Lost in Translation" of how 4 people translated jokes & poems into: German, Chinese, Hebrew and Bulgarian.

I purchased no books, so only had 2 Kilos of the convention program, and souvenir book. I brought home just a few items printed on a 3-D printer (which was way cool).

Does anyone want to hear more?
Yes, please!

I heard the children's panel with Lindgren went very well. I also heard the fan fund auction tried to move the children's programming at the last minute with no prior notice to anybody, & chaos ensued. But then, I gather it was enormously crowded anyway.

What say you?

The convention did not plan for the great number of people who were there on day 1. Over 4000 people had registered by Wednesday. There were lines outside of most rooms.
Luckily the convention center had some un-booked space, and the convention booked one of their large spaces, and shifted things around
"204 is now 103
103 is now 3.a"

doing math in my head...... that should have been..... Never mind.

The Children's programming area was just a part of the main hall, next to Fan tables. I can see the fan fund auction trying to use an area not assigned to them.... And if all of their items were not PG rated, hmmmm. Well I hadn't heard of that problem... But I can see how it might happen.

I certainly spent some time near the children's program area - because that is where the 3D printers were set up, and available for people to use. I printed a couple of 1.25" Tardis. A small Robot, the android logo, had moved himself on top of my nook while I was waiting to print.... I moved him into my day bag. He is now sitting on my desk. [He is printed in 6 pieces, so head, arms, legs articulate - he is a metallic brass color]
How did the "Lost in Translation" panel work? Presumably most people in the audience wouldn't understand all of the languages. Was it a panel about work they had done previously, or were they doing the translating on the spot?
The main language for the convention was English, and the panel was conducted in that language.
The four people discussed how much fun it was to translate from English into another language.
Examples were jokes.... Which they just used a similar style of joke, regional.
specific example: Puns don't translate.
another example: in The Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the clue is given to Harry on the next monster (from a Gryphon or Sphynx I don't remember), where each set of two lines of poetry give a syllable in the monster's name.
the name is only English, Hebrew has a whole different name for the monster, and hence the lines of poetry for the clue don't work. The translator created new poetic clues, for the spelling of the word in Hebrew.

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