Social Security
What are your views on it?
My view is that Social Security is vitally necessary to ensure that people have at least some income during their later years. But it's also poorly implemented and managed, with no real way to improve the efficiency.

Social Security is also a great safety net for people with disabilities. We should not have to wait until retirement age for help if we cannot work. But, again, the system is not perfect and while we could all wish it were better I think the practical reality is that it will always be flawed.
Social Security is a wide ranging program, with several different facets. By far the largest is the retirement insurance program, but disability is a nontrivial chunk too. Other related programs include welfare and Medicare.

What most people mean by Social Security, however, is the retirement program. That certainly dwarfs all others except for Medicare (which has a slightly different funding mechanism).

To answer your question bluntly, the Social Security retirement program is nothing more or less than a government approved Ponzi scheme. The taxes you pay in today get paid out to your parents and grandparents today. Any surplus gets “lent” to the government to pay for whatever the hell they spend 4 TRILLION dollars a year on. They’ll pay it back...just trust them.

Like all Ponzi schemes, SS will eventually crash and burn. When it was passed, there were 16 workers per retiree. Now there are 2. Soon there will be only 1 as longer lifespans collide with lower birth rates. If you are younger than 55, you should plan to have not a penny there for you from SS.
Always after a defeat and a respite, the Shadow takes another shape and grows again.

I don't have any humble opinions.
You're right, of course. In fact, my sister was on disability until she passed away earlier this year. She did not want to be on disability but she was grateful for it. And I have had friends who went on disability before they reached retirement age.

Social Security also helps young families with children (the "welfare").

People forget that anyone can end up on welfare and it's not something that is designed to prop up or reward poverty. Studies have shown that the average welfare recipient gets off that help and becomes self-sufficient in about five years. It's not the same as "universal income" by any means.

I think some people do abuse the system. We occasionally hear about someone getting caught. You'll find crooks at all levels of society. But I am glad we have the Social Security system and I think we should improve it where necessary, but not through exclusionary policies.

We need a better method of funding Social Security. All my life I have heard politicians and pundits complaining about how the system will eventually run out of money. They have taken action a couple of times but their solutions only defer the inevitable. Nonetheless, if you end Social Security you'll have to replace it with something else.

Not everyone can find a job. Not every job is adequate. Not everyone can hold a job.

We have something like 40 million people in this nation suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Despite a lot of public discussion about it, even movies and television shows that focus on it, I believe most people still misunderstand it. It's not JUST a "veterans' issue". Most victims of PTSD don't get it from military or public service. It arises from intense personal trauma, which can happen anywhere in a variety of circumstances.

Although many people with PTSD are able to function enough to hold jobs, millions of them cannot. They are entirely dependent upon their families and, if they are fortunate enough, the social safety net (including Social Security) for support. If we take that away from these people we need to replace it with something better. Certainly they need better mental health care because that's not working for the vast majority of PTSD sufferers and their families as far as I can see. And, yes, I know people with PTSD.
Just to be clear, my above harsh comments were aimed that the retirement “insurance” facet of Social Security, and I stand by those comments. Anyone under the age of 55 counting on those checks being there when they retire is going to have an ugly shock

The disability portion of S.S. is an honorable endeavor. My major issue is that it is an easy target for fraud, and that the government has no real imperative to be certain it’s expenditures are efficient. Same comment about S.S. minor survivor benefits. I remember a kid who had what seemed like unlimited beer money in the 80s. Uncle Sucker’s checks were going directly to high school keggers.

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