Is there anything truth about this?
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There was in facvt a bombing in Manchester that inspired terror, so yes.
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You know, it's impossible for us to second-guess what they are thinking because ISIS isn't just a single group of people. It is several groups of people who came together to promote their own agendaes. The original Al Qaeda in Iraq chapter that formed the core of ISIS recruited heavily among disaffected members of the Iraqi Ba'ath party and former armed forces.

The "terrorists", whether they be Al Qaeda or ISIS, have an ultimate goal of conquering the world. They firmly believe this is possible.

They are not using these attacks to make statements. They are plotting or calling for these attacks as a means of garnering attention, persuading vulnerable potential followers that they are worthy of joining, and to weaken our governments and defensive forces.

Terrorism cannot win a war outright but it can demoralize the enemy and weaken their resolve. As the attacks continue dissension arises among the people being victimized and they become further weakened because they cannot agree on how to meet the threat.

The real point behind terrorism is to weaken your enemy to the point where whatever resources you have will be sufficient to overwhelm them. That is what ISIS did in Iraq and Syria. And while it seems inconceivable to us that they could do the same thing in western Europe and America, they will keep on trying. They won't stop.

So the Manchester bombing wasn't merely an attack on one segment of society. It may have been directed at a specific segment for some surface reason but the overall plan is to demoralize us and make us less capable of waging this endless war.

There will never be a peace treaty. There will never be an armistice. There will never be a day when we can live side by side and ignore each other. They would stop being Al Qaeda or ISIS if they began thinking in terms of "how do we achieve peace" or "how do we end this current conflict". The only end that is acceptable to them is the end that sees them completely victorious, and they have dedicated themselves to fighting the long war to achieve that goal.

It doesn't matter how practical or realistic their ambitions are. They won't stop. They will never stop.
The article seems a stretch to me. Over the last few years there seems to be a trend amongst some “intellectuals” to bring any and all issues back to a discussion of race or gender. It appears to me that this trend is reflective of a certain myopia, whence one assumes that ones own focus is the only relevant measuring stick. To paraphrase and reverse the common cliche, “if the only problem you see is a nail, all you need is a hammer.”

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