My biggest score yet!
OK - I just have to brag on this one.

Way back in 1977 & 78 one of my favorite artists Rodney Matthews did a series of eight "Witch World" paintings for the UK publisher Tandem / Universal. Five of these paintings were released on paperbacks and for some reason the other three never were released. The 3 not released were "Sorceress of the Witch World", "Warlock of the Witch World" & "Year of the Unicorn". You can see all of them on my website @

Anyways - I just received signed posters of the original paintings for "Witch World", "Web of the Witch World" & "Year of the Unicorn" - They are 20" x 28" and boy are they beautiful. (the internet, or at least most computer monitors don't do them justice.)

Now - Why are they my biggest score yet? They didn't cost me a dime. They were gifted to me by Rodney Matthews himself. Which just moved him to the top of my list of favorite artist. You can see a lot of his other work at

Now I have to figure out what pictures I'm going to take down in my house so I can display these - that will be no easy task for I have lived here 18 years and most of my walls are full.

Note - the size in inches listed on both his Etsy website and his new Studio site are incorrect. The metric dimensions are correct but not the "standard" ones.
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Andre Norton's website -
Nice stuff! (Very nice of him...)
I'm glad you were able to attain those posters.

My only 'free' item was a dust jacket for BLACK TRILLIUM, a proof copy without the text on the flap

I only spent $100 to have it framed. [silly me, I wanted the dust jacket to float above the matting.]

I have the Mary Hansen Roberts Witch World posters - safely in archival folder. No wall space left.

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