White Shadow TV show
Shouldn't they have a reboot of this show?
I'm not saying the USA's struggle with racism is over but the message of the original show (white coach with minority basketball team) might not work so well for today's audiences. Maybe if you have a Christian coach and a Muslim football (soccer) team it might work. I think it would be a tough sell. You'd almost certainly see the fundamentalist groups on both sides of that divide oppose it.
Although stories like Freedom Writers with a dedicated white teacher in the inner city still work just fine.
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august Wrote:Although stories like Freedom Writers with a dedicated white teacher in the inner city still work just fine.
Maybe. That was ten years ago, and we've fallen a long, long way in that short time. Now we'd have dozens of articles with click-bait titles both arguing for and against it, it would
win a bunch of academy awards, which would spawn even more commentary pieces with even clickier click-bait titles. And at the end of the day no one would really care, and
few people would actually watch it. Ah, it's a great time to be alive! :laugh:
We probably live in an age where Liberal Shadow or Conservative Shadow would resonate better with television audiences. The divide between conservatives and liberals just seems to grow wider every year.

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