What movies would you like to change?
Do you have any idea which you might? I probably would chose Disney Haunted Mansion since it should had more friendly interactions between ghosts and the children since the ride does have a lot of friendly ones. There should have been some servants on the movie.
Don't insult the precious, my precious!:book:
It's hard to imagine a movie I would want to change. By the time I realize I don't like something about it I probably feel the movie is unsalvageable for me. The only thing that comes to mind is the original "Total Recall", which ends on that horrible ambiguity. I would drop the "blue skies on Mars" line near the beginning of the movie so people have a clear idea about the story really ends, or I would have the hero wake up.

For people who just absolutely have to have an ambiguous ending, I would want the characters to acknowledge the uncertainty of their situation. I don't like omnicient uncertainty.

I would also remove the narration from any movie whose story is being "told" by a dead character. I hate that. It leaves me asking how a dead character is supposed to be narrating a movie. I've only come across this gimmick a few number of times. It's not always about narration, of course. It could just be that the point of view character ends up in a situation where telling the story from their point of view makes no sense. "The Sixth Sense" is an example of that. The movie's surprise ending hinges on the contradiction. "Looper" is another movie that doesn't work once you see the end. How is the audience supposed to know about these stories since the protagonists are unreachable?
Prometheus. Ghost in the Shell. Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I'm sure I could go on all day. :bg:
O.M.G. Prometheus all the way. Actually every Aliens film since the second one, but especially Prometheus. JUST two nights ago I had a long conversation with a friend about how much we hated that film, no matter how technically proficient it was and no matter how good the actors were.
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You probably don't want to watch the sequel.
Yep, that was exactly the context in which that conversation came up, watching a preview of the new film while Prometheus was on cable. And I had to surf
around an Alien-fan-wiki site to dig up the answers to about a dozen questions we both realized we'd never figured out. My friend could quote dialogue
verbatim from the first two films, and I recall vividly the night I saw the first one, who I saw it with, in which theatre, where we'd been drinking before we saw it, who drove,
and the huge build-up in.... guessing Starlog was my genre mag of choice in those days. And yet neither of us had picked up on the fact that the planet
in Prometheus and the one in the first two Alien films were actually moons of a Jupiter-like gas giant. I'm sure that's referenced somewhere in some of the
tech-babble, but if you have to consult the script for it to sink in.... then there's a problem with the exposition.

I'm sure I'll watch it on cable though - against all wisdom I watched Batman vs Superman, and don't regret it, because now I know what I'm talking about when I refer to its issues.
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