bathrooms for transgenders
If this over blow topic or something serious? Give them  their own bathrooms like family ones?
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I wouldn't call it an overblown topic. The political movement to repress or oppress transgender people is, in my opinion, based on prejudice. It is most obvious in the south, where (racial) prejudice has been deeply rooted for generations. I don't know why you find so much judgmental bias in the southern states. You just do. Many families pride themselves on their Christian values and yet those values seem to stop only a few paces outside their local church doors. I grew up in the south. I have lived here for many decades. I have personally witnessed and experienced a lot of these prejudices. I have watched people who were proud of their Christian values just vent full-blooded hate at people who were not like them.

Maybe there is a simple explanation for why this is so common across the south but I don't know what it is. The bathroom law controversy is just the latest symptom of a very widespread problem (I see it as a problem; obviously many people do not).
Michael Wrote:Maybe there is a simple explanation for why this is so common across the south but I don't know what it is.

Having grown up here too - even in your home town/state for 3 years or so - I have a pretty good idea. For better or worse, it's religion. Fundamentalist Christianity in particular (although
fundamentalist Islam shares many of those same issues.) And after 300+ years, whether or not someone is actively religious or not doesn't matter - they're raised in a society that was
shaped by religion. In other words, you could be an 8 year old in the 60's and have never set foot in a church in your life, but you would have been told that gay people were evil, sick,
predators, child abusers, etc. by virtually everyone, child and adult, that you knew. So unless you had an independent streak and decided to start thinking for yourself, your values and
beliefs would be chosen for you.

And obviously, that happens elsewhere too - Archie Bunker was from Queens after all. Smile But once it's a widespread cultural norm, people get sucked into it. Bobby Jindal and my former governor
Nikki Haley were both children of immigrants from India - the latter's father is I believe some sort of lay leader in the Sikh faith - but they are as Southern and conservative and
fundamentalist Christian as any Caucasian named Billy Bob Jones or Heyward Legare Ravenel.

It takes generations - centuries even - for societal values to change, so while prejudice is sad and unfortunate, it's not surprising. :/
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