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Sue sent me a press release(from Variety).  I'm not real good at transferring things , so this what I was able to work with. Enjoy!  Later Kind Folks-Paul

Patrick Frater
Asia Bureau Chief

Kirin Media, Longzhilin Fund Set Diverse
Courtesy of AliveNotDead
March 14, 2017 | 03:50PM PT

Partner companies, Kirin Media and Shanghai Longzhilin Culture Investment Partnership have made an impressive debut at FilMart with a slate of new U.S.-China projects in different states of advance.

Stefanie Scott and Theodore Pellerin star in "First Light," a young adult sci-fi feature written and directed by Jason Stone. The story follows teens who whose new supernatural abilities gets them into trouble with the authorities. Exhibit, Kirin and Longzhilin are financing the film with Chris Ferguson of Oddfellows and Michael Baker of Bunk 11 producing. Fortitude is handling foreign sales at FilMart, while Entertainment One (eOne) is set to distribute in Canada. Longzhilin will distribute in China.

Longzhilin is a film fund based in Shanghai and backed by AllBright Law Offices and JP Investment Holdings. Leo Zheng, authorized representative of Allbright, specializes in navigation of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone. Kirin is a film fund based in Los Angeles backed by production partner Avva Pictures.

George Page and Kirin's Jeff Chao are set as producers on a film adaptation of Andre Norton's "Witch World" books. The first movie to be developed from the 33 novels is being written by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens. Longzhilin and Kirin are to develop the property.

Kirin has also signed a first look deal with Youtchi von Lintel, co-producer of two time Oscar winner "Spotlight."

"Since our days together at Participant Media, Youtchi has always proven himself as a tastemaker and trendsetter," said Chao, managing partner at Kirin. "We want to make singular films that push the envelope across all genres and support passionate filmmakers with bold creative visions," said von Lintel.

"Entertainment is fast becoming a hot investment area for the Chinese market and Holly
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Well, they've got real writers attached to it, so that's a great start! Thanks, Paul!

Yes. I don't like the slow pace of progress but as long as it happens, that will be something.

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