What comes next after FANTASTIC BEASTS
So at Boskone we speculated. What will the 2 other movies in the trilogy, and the two other follow on movies, be like?

Luckily for my needing to read all 7 HP books over, someone remembered that Dumbledore had defeated Grimwald in 1945. Maybe this is on his Chocolate Frog card?

Raw speculations - because we really were just guessing.
Newt Scamander will come back to New York to teach at the Wizarding school.
Are there hierarchies of Schools? We know of a school in New York City, another in Salem Mass, and a third at the top of Mount Greylock (Western Mass, near Lee Mass & Tanglewood).
This movie takes place in 1920's, will the next 4-5 movies each take place a decade apart?
Will the series deal with adult themes? A school?
Notice how the problems of the 1920's, end of WWI, and the depression, cause some of the darkness.
Sadly a child is killed by adults, but was he (one person thought that some of the fog boiled away above & behind a building. )
And the wizarding world declaring a total mind wipe on the No-mag(ic) population. [This was way to "Men in Black" with the Statue of Liberty's Torch being a mind wipe, in my mind.]]
We noticed the typical JKR theme of saving a creature that was almost a side issue (Thunderbird), but was realty the theme of the movie: Redemption? And how!! neat was that suitcase.

We ended the hour with the panelists describing their favorite fantastic beast, and the audience including beasts not in the movie.
If Newt Scamander is to remain a major character then each movie will have to feature some strange beast. The next movie is supposed to be set in Paris and J.K. Rowling says that Scamander's back story will be explained over the next four movies.

David Heyman says that Grindelwald, Credence, and Dumbledore will be the main characters. So there is plenty of room for speculation.
I am curious who will played younger version of Dumbledore and others. How about one of LOTR actors?
We're just going to have to wait to find out. The story about Martin Freeman playing Dumbledore was, I am pretty sure, an April Fool's joke.

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