What fantasy books or science fiction book do you want to see on film?
i would like to see the Hollow Kingdom series by Claire Durkie.
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A Spell for Chameleon by Piers Anthony, Nine Princes in Amber, Doorways in the Sand, My Name is Legion, and This Immortal by Roger Zelazny, Tunnel in the Sky and The Moon is
a Harsh Mistress
by Robert Heinlein. Also Hunters of the Red Moon by Marion Zimmer Bradley, although while unintentionally I assume, the film Predators is virtually the same plot. Also Agent of Chaos by Norman
Spinrad, and the novella Time Considered as a Helix of Semi-Precious Stones by Samuel R. Delany.
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I would still like to see someone do The Chessmen of Mars right. That was, in my opinion, the best of all of Edgar Rice Burroughs' Martian novels.
I still really want to see Dune and it's sequels done well.

And I really want to see a book called <i>Dead Girls</i> by Richard Calder animated.

Lots of others...
Ringworld. The whole series.
Gene Wolfe's "New Sun" series, and Fifth Head of Cerberus.

Stephen R. Donaldson's "Thomas Covenant" cycle, also Gap and Mordant's Need

C. S. Lewis' "Space Trilogy"

Jack Vance's "Tales of the Dying Earth"

Speaking of Niven, maybe something from his State/ramship universe like A World Out Of Time, or the "Smoke Ring" cycle.

Funny nobody seems to have considered Norton's Witch World cycle for a series.

Then,of course, there's Tolkien's Silmarillion and Akallabêth!
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Andre Norton's books have been considered for a series. I'm not sure if any of these got past the "planned" state.
If you are interested, you can post to the Andre Norton forum, where there are a few people associated with her estate.
I know she wanted nothing to do with it, but there was the Beastmaster TV show (loosely based on the movies, which were loosely inspired by the books).
Agreed about Beastmaster movies & TV. Norton fought to get her name in the credits, and then found that the only resemblance to her books were the animals, and even these were approximate.

But I believe that TV has been interested in Witch World.....
Of course, I believe that TV/Movie studios were interested in the Anne McCaffrey Dragon Riders - up to creating a dragon for the characters to ride (something like the $50 ride the horse outside of a store front).
A proper adaptation of T.H. White's Once and Future King, and neither the horrid Disneyfication of the animated Sword in the Stone, nor the maudlin Broadway version Camelot. Such a splendid fantasy but never a decent film presentation.
Yup. but with T. H. White, the story had already existed in fable form. So I doubt that either Disney, nor the stage show needed to pay royalties.
On the contrary, both Disney and the producers of Camelot both noted in the credits that their works were based on T.H. White's novel(s). Disney actually purchased the film rights to White's story in 1939; unfortunately, it took Disney over 2 decades to produce something.

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