Let's Talk about Rey's Parents
Kevin Smith has this theory.
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I think Disney would be wise to not introduce any characters that they haven't ruined yet. Ahsoka would be a great character to use in the live-action movies, but save her for
different films. At this point, the next numbered movie is, at best, damage control. Finish this mess of a trilogy out, and forget it as quickly as possible.
Well, I suppose J.J. Abrams could make her parents into addict junk traders who just happen to be former Jedi apprentices. Hey, it's Disney. They could be swayed by any conspiracy theorist at this point in time, right?
Here is a video that offers a theory about Rey's parents which is still consistent with the facts of both movies released so far.

Watch WE FOUND Rey's Parents | Luke's Lightsaber was the KEY from YouTube
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WE FOUND Rey's Parents | Luke's Lightsaber was the KEY

The video was uploaded to YouTube in October 2017.
That is an amazingly well done video with a self depreciating host.
I like the idea that the whole (9 movie) series has really been the life of the light sabre.

I liked it.

Of course my own personal theory is that Rey and Ben are the twin children of Luke Skywalker: One living with his aunt (and uncle), and the other fostered out to another family. That would be synchronous. Yes. Yes. I know, Ben is older than Rey.
There is a fan theory that the whole saga is being told by R2-D2 to aliens somewhere in the distant future in another galaxy. What if it's the light saber doing the talking? Whoa! But, of course, R2 was there when Qui-Gon found Anakin, and the light saber had not yet been built.
I read down through all of these posts today.

I like Kevin Smith, and respect his opinions. (Tough reading the post had me jumping over the asterisks) I have not watched the cartoons, so I just don't know.

From Kevin, I get that there could be a character (from the cartoon) that had a child, Rey, and then while dying, the child was taken in by those junk traders. I realize that some people might trade their child for drug/liquor money, but it makes more sense if she wasn't kin, or if for some reason there was no room for the child in their household.

Allan, in the video, has the events in the "dark scary cave" to be flash backs from the light sabre, but I'm not sure how this relates to Rey's parents.

Now to get even crazier.... We have Leia (Carrie Fisher) back in this last movie. Maybe, just maybe, she will be able to tell us all.
Yeah, the Leia scenes will be important to the story. I've ready elsewhere they actually rewrote parts of the script so they could use footage already shot for the second movie. So they literally changed the story to avoid doing a CGI-recreated Leia/Carrie Fisher.

I honestly don't get why people object to CGI recreations. I feel they did a fantastic job with Gran Moff Tarkin (Peter Cushing), but that's now just a side point.

Rey's parentage could be tied back to the Skywalker family in some way. After all, Shmi could have had relatives. She never said she was conceived in an unusual fashion.

On the other hand, they hint at the end of the second movie that other kids around the galaxy are Force-sensitive. So Rey could just be part of a new generation of Force users, and a new "Skywalker" in the sense that Anakin was something new (even though he inherited his family name from Shmi).

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